Ah!..sausages and computers.

Ok so I went and bought the stuff yesterday, they didn’t have the motherboard so I got a slightly more expensive one – still Asus though.

The Asus P5K-V!

I had some problems with it….it kept freaking out when I plugged the CD-ROM or the HDD’s in, the BIOS kept breaking up and showing weird patterns on the screen. I thought my power supply might have been lacking juice, but it turns out I just needed to let it run for a while.

Plus the BIOS on the motherboard didn’t fully understand the chip I was using as the E6750 Core 2 Duo is a very new CPU. After letting it run for a while and updating the BIOS to the latest version – no more problems!

Corsair RAM was out of stock too, so Kingston it was. I got everything else I wanted though, but the speakers were on back-order too.

I went off to Digital Mall and managed to find a set though (Logitech Z-2300) for RM565. Heavy monsters they are.

They are apparently the best 2.1 speakers you can get (THX certified).

My old 5.1 set weren’t really giving me the sound I wanted, they served me well when I used them for watching DVDs though.

I’ve lost my fascination with 5.1 speakers and having to tweak them to get the sound right, they just don’t have the kick of a nice 2.1 set either.

I briefly tested the speakers and they are LOUD and crisp, I haven’t given them a full run though. I’ll update more soon with pictures.

I managed to install the OS on SATA drives without any problems too which was a nice surprise as last time I tried it totally failed and I had to fall back to the OS on a PATA drive.

Other than that it looks ready to go, I can’t wait to get some stuff installed and test the speed of processing some big fat RAW files.

I’ve got a lot of pics to process but I just couldnt be bothered to do a lot of them as it was too slow, let’s hope that changes now!

As for the sausages part, I went to the new Bavarian Beerhaus in The Curve and had the sausage platter, man that was a killer, I haven’t eaten so much for ages, my body complained like hell..I got home and passed out straight after work.

And woke up at 1am, now my body clock is completely screwed, oh well at least it’s the weekend.

Time to go home and sort out my new PC!




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