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Cialis? Viagra? Penis Enlargement? Do I look like a LIMP DICK?!

Why oh why Mr Spammer, must you keep bombarding with ways to increase the len1.gth and gi-rth of my pen1s?

You guys have made my dreams come true. I have been self-conscience for as long as I can remember. I did not want to shower with other guys growing up, because I was embarrassed. Not only has your system increased the size of my manhood while erect, but it has helped my size while flaccid as well. I hang bigger, and I feel more like the man I should have been all these years. The change is tremendous, I wanted to send you this note to let you know what it has done for me, and of course to order more LONGZ! Leroy, Brooklyn

And Cialis? Viagra? Do I look like a limp-dick to you?

Man, it’s a sad state of affairs when millions of people each day get e-mails offering to harden their erections and increase the size of their love poles.

It must be working though, people must be buying this shit or they would stop already.

HeIlo, do you want to spend on your meddications?

Just VISlT EPharrma Shop and SAVE up to 70%

VALlUUM ClALLlS VlAGRRA and many other medications

Don’t miss the Hot Specials!

They are getting more and more creative with the horrible spelling and bad grammar to get around Spam Filter that are becoming more and more common.

OMG j00 h4v3 small penlx b{y s0m3 v1aggraa n0w!

Yeah make my dreams come true please.

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The Myth (Shen Hua) – Jackie Chan

Intrepid archeologist Jack and ambitious scientist William set out on an adventure that would lead them to the greatest discovery in Chinese history.

So I went to see The Myth at the plush new GSC at 1-U, I still love that place!

I was out and about doing interesting stuff like paying bills..

I also stumbled across a new clearance show in Ikano Power Center (It’s next to the Sony Shop), and they are selling loads of branded stuff at bargain prices (Ralph Polo shirts for RM25, cheapest I’ve seen before is RM80 at F.O.S. and I got one for RM40 in Philippines!), also stuff like Bum, Burberry, Fossil etc. Got a whole bag of nice stuff for like RM100! Most the stuff is RM7, RM10 or RM13!

Anyway, back on topic..

This movie was ok, I was kind of expecting it to be an epic oldskool movie, like Chinese Gladiator or something from the trailers, I don’t recall seeing any ‘present’ scenes there.

It wasn’t, it turned out to be a fairly standard Jackie Chan meets Indiana Jones kinda movie. The historic scenes were very good and were done well with actors from multiple countries (struggling to speak in Mandarin) and some great fight sequences and JC’s patented acrobatic jumping around stuff.

The special effects were awesome in parts, and very college like in others, obvious ‘blue screen’ effect. No consistency.

There was also a random part where a gorgeous babe was shown almost naked for no aparent reason? (Mallika Sherawat).

The acting was ok, the Korean chick was a typical Korean chick, JC was his normal jumping around self.

The plot was pretty good and original, but wasn’t directed so well. It was a fairly entertaining film with some funny parts, but some parts just draggged, really dragged.

It’s worth a watch if you like the typical Jackie Chan action/comedy kind of movie.

If you don’t, you’ll probably think it’s a heap of shit.

I’d give it a 5.5/10.

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Chilling Bin Laden?

Yeah WTF?

Can you explain why this was on a drawer in a MAS aircraft?

Is it appropriate?

Is it a joke?

Let me know what you think.

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Redang – Sun, Sea and Project AWARE!

Yeah, so finally the Redang trip came…sadly now it’s gone 🙁

Ah well, it was a great break and we did some nature loving activities too in the name of Project Aware[/url].

We left home at some ungodly hour (5am) in a couple of taxis heading to KLIA, where we had a McD style Big Breakfast (They should call it the small breakfast though, as I could eat 3..)

We arrived at Kuala Terengganu after a smooth enough flight..

A coach trip to the jetty, then we jammed ourselves into a boat for the hour or so across to the Island.

We were greeted by the beautiful white sands of Redangs long beach, clear blue water and the crazy beach boys.

Then a nice sleep…we stayed at Redang Beach Resort[/url]

And first dive of the trip..

I stupidly didn’t take enough weights (not accounting for the bulky, new and therefore buoyant BCD they gave me), and had real problems descending…

Must have been swimming like a zig-zag, after that I got passed a few weights and was ok…

I noticed myself getting nauseous towards the end of the dive (around 45 mins..) and thought uh-oh…I’ve had this before..

Sure enough when I got out, everything was spinning and I was dizzy as hell, oh well no more diving for me! Inner ear problems from the changing pressure of swimming in a zig-zag, I proceeded to sleep for 15 hours..and got up the next day 😀

The dive was ok, nothing amazing, the dive master we had was a bit noob, so he took us to not so great locations, partially the reason why I sat out the rest of the dives.

And what a beautiful day it was.

After that all us naturalists got ready to clean up the beach for project Aware (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education).

It was a stunning day, although a little hot for picking up rubbish on the beach..

And I was still a little dizzy 0_0

We got given the worst area too, the other groups had 1 bin-bag per group, we finished 1/2 bags per PERSON in our group, we got the corner of the beach and it seemed to be some kind of dumping ground, oh well, at least we sorted it out 😉

I got myself a cert anyway and a free t-shirt for helping the beach clean-up..

This is my favourite shot of the lot.

The whole gang just before we left, so sad 🙁

Of course we munched loads of Keropok Lekor, as it’s awesome there!

And we played Baccarat for cans of Coke while we waited for the plane, God pau’ed us all!

Of course we headed to Misai when we got back to stuff ourselves with our favourites foods, which we did..

The end! It was a great trip, really enjoyed it, even though I was dizzy haha, at least I didn’t get burnt, neh neh 😉

Full Gallery here: Redang Sept 2005

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Yeah it was pro.

We love her.

1) Fireangel is hawt
2) Everyone should love her
3) No one can swear like her.


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Tell me who you are..

Maybe after that, I’ll tell you who I am..

Going diving to Redang in a couple of hours, coming back Sunday some time, so see you all on Monday!

If you pass by my blog, or maybe you’re a silent regular, or someone that knows me in real life, say hi, leave your name, where you’re from and why you come.

I’d be interested to know.

Cheers and have a great weekend!

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It’s your Birthday! Happy Birthday Suan – YOU NOOB!

So she’s another step closer to 30, this is my Suan shrine.

The many faces of Suan.

Everyone should love Suan.


Suan is cool, Suan is smart, Suan is funny, date Suan now!

I’ve known Suan a long time, probably 7-8 years now, getting on eh..

We all got drunk last night, Suan especially, it was fun 😉

KY has posted some pics, Peter’s[/url] will probably follow soon.

It was fun…


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Things I miss about UK – A walk in the country

UK has nice weather for walking, it’s not humid, it’s not hot, it can be sunny and bright, but crisp and pleasant, you don’t get overly hot when walking, but you can get a little chilly when resting.

Always take a jumper or jacket!

While I was back in the UK I took the opportunity to go for a stroll in the countryside, it was very pleasant and rather refreshing, being stuck in the city so long, and in a tropical country, nice to experience some cold crisp air and fleshy greenery.

We headed to Bringstry Common for a forest sculpture walk.

It was a Nationl Trust Woodland Walk..

There were 4 different routes of varying lengths, even one that was wheelchair friendly.

So off we went into the woods.

The first sculpture we saw was a beautiful horse, drinking by the stream, many of the other scultpures had been absorbed into the woods and were hard to spot..

It almost looks real!

Plenty of woods and grass..



And beautiful countryside..

Of course the whole lot was finished up with some nice cakes and afternoon tea!

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TMnet Customer Service and Quality of Connection

Well it’s not always good to talk about the bad things, so let’s talk about the good things for once (and some bad thing too of course, TMnut is far from perfect).

I have a problem with their customer service model for a start, there seems to be no escalation procedure, for my part that’s very frustrating, I need to speak to tier 2 or tier 3 technical support if I have a problem, not tier 1, because all the normal things I can fix or figure out myself.

When I’m talking about packet loss and traceroute, tier one just doesn’t cut it. I e-mailed endlessly and it continued going round in circles, I provided detailed information but still got no replies containing sense or useful input.

I e-mailed the CEO, eventually I got annoyed and got a little pissed with them, I told them to escalate it to someone who knew what I was talking about or don’t bother.

So they did, they called me and said they would send someone round, and come they did, FOUR of them. One was actually a senior technician too, they knew what they were doing, they had access to the core routers for the peering to the US and showed me the latency and where it occured, it was clearly due to overloading.

The quality of the connection to the US peer was good, my connection to the Streamyx network is very good, but the infrastructure is buckling under the load.

The technician said that 2 of the 4 international links are currently not working, and even with all in force they are still over-utilized, in his own words he said ‘it’s fucked up’.

He said technical department has told the management many times they need to upgrade the international links and stop selling until they can support the capacity as it’s making their lives very difficult and it’s degrading quality of service for the customers, but well the sales people keep selling, people keep buying and everyone suffers more.

I was thankful to get some technical people in my house, they proved that there’s nothing wrong with my line, my modem, my setup or anything else, it’s an infrastructure problem.

Hopefully this is something the new CEO Michael Lai can address with inputs from Mack and Jeff Ooi (and perhaps some of us other small fish).

For the past 2 weeks I’d say my connection has actually been pretty good, download speeds have been reasonable, latency has been good for the past week (often under 300ms to google and yahoo, which was unheard of before) and the connection hasn’t dropped.

I don’t seem to have had any problems with the ridiculous Web Cache either, perhaps they disabled it for me (which they did say was possible). I am still getting IP’s in the 60.48 or 60.49 range, but I am having decent service now.

Hopefully things will only get better, is there a brighter future ahead for Malaysian broadband?

I’ve heard rumours of more bandwidth upgrades coming soon too…which hopefully are not true, as it will just lead to a decreate in QoS for everyone (512 – 1MB, 1MB – 2MB).

Keep up the good work Tmnut, and we won’t mind paying 🙂

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House of Wax – Yes it SUCKED

A group of friends on their way to a college football game falls prey to a pair of murderous brothers in an abandoned small town. They discover that the brothers have expanded upon the area’s main attraction.. the House of Wax.

Yes I was suckered into watching this…

It’s a 4th remake I think of an old classic, the famous one being the 1953 camp classic from Vincent Price.

I will give it some props for being gory, but well it’s more of a slasher movie than a proper horror film, it wasn’t very scary or suspenseful, just gruesome and teeny. And some slasher movies are very scary too, this one just didn’t cut it.

The deaths were pretty inventive though, and each one had a little twist of it’s own.

The major bonus would be Elisha Cuthbert, she was smoking hot, yeah!

I still rate Shutter[/url] as one of the best horror movies I’ve seen for a very long time if not ever.

As for House of Wax[/url], it got decent scores of around 5.5, but well it really doesn’t deserve it.

Basically for the first hour nothing at all happens, zero, you are just waiting for something scary, it is supposed to be a horror movie after all…then well it get’s a little more interesting for the last 45 minutes.

But jeez, please get it going from the beginning!

I’d give it a sour 3/10.

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