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50 coolest web sites of 2005 – For Real?

So there I was surfing the web, checking out some random stuff as you do…surfing is addictive, blog hopping is addictive, reading everything2[/url] or wikipedia is addictive, you can just jump from entry to entry.

This particular occasion I was checking out Times’ top 50 coolest websites of 2005.

This article is a web exclusive, meaning it’s not published in the magazine itself.

50 Coolest Websites 2005
How do we come up with our 50 best? Short answer: we take your suggestions, probe friends and colleagues about their favorite online haunts and then surf like mad. This year’s finalists are a mix of newcomers, new discoveries and veterans that have learned some new tricks

The List: Arts & Entertainment
The List: Blogs
The List: Lifestyle, Health & Hobbies
The List: News & Information
The List: Shopping

Notice blogs has become a category too 馃檪 2 that I read made it in there: Go Fug Yourself & PostSecret, plus another 2 I visit now and then: Boing Boing and LifeHacker.

A new one I found on this list that is interesting is Bayraider, a guy finding all the weirdest stuff for sale on E-bay:

I saw this photoblog quite a while ago too, he has some really beautiful pictures:

Also a very good book review site:

Completely unrelated to this entry, I found a journal from an American teacher in Japan which is hilarious:

That’s all for now 馃槈

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Super Seven or Stupid Seven?

Yeah Suan tagged me, which I could probably get away with ignoring, but then mob1900 got me again…

So well I guess I have to do it now.

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Visit South American (Brazil yeah! Chile etc..)
2. Own a Mitsubishi Evolution (6 or above)
3. Discover a miracle cure for all diseases has been culutured in the fluff in my belly button
4. Have a flat stomach
5. Become a PADI qualified Diving Instructor
6. Become a Millionaire
7. Live Happily Ever After

Seven things I could do:
1. Stop being an asshole at random intervals
2. Think before I speak
3. Smoke less (or quit! I am trying..)
4. Care a bit more about the important things
5. Call my Mom more often
6. Play DOTA[/url] a bit less (already started on that one!)
7. Don’t crash my car ANY MORE

Seven Celebrity crushes:
1. Halle Berry
2. Claudia Schiffer
3. Tyra Banks
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Faith Hill
6. Gwen Stefani
7. Beyonce Knowles

Man getting only 7 was tough..(Angelina Jolie? Cameron Diaz..)

Seven often repeated words:
1. Yeah Right
3. WTF?!?
4. Faggot
5. Cibai
6. Yes I am ShaolinTiger
7. No sorry I won’t give you babies right now

Not sure if this means in real life, or online..mine is a mix of both

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. Not a midget
2. Breasts larger than a walnut
3. Not fat
4. Good skin
5. Not skinny like a supermodel
6. Doesn’t have more hair than me
7. Doesn’t have a mean/bitchy/slutty face

Seven tags go to:
1. No
2. One
3. Because
4. They
5. Did
6. It
7. Already.

Well there you go. If you read this and haven’t done it, please feel free to go ahead and do it, send me a trackback or something 馃槈

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The Famous Detective Chen Lee

A man suspected his wife was seeing another man, so he hired the famous Chinese detective, Chen Lee, to watch and report any activities while he was gone.

A few days later, he received this report..




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Philippines part II – A night out with BryanBoy!


Sorry for the lack of pictures in the previous post, I didn’t actually manage to get out much, and it was a short trip, so those were the best of the lot. Gives me an incentive to go back again I guess 馃槈

I met up with the famous fabulous superstar Bryanboy[/url] in Manila on Saturday night for some hedonistic partying with the models and fashionistas from the Philippines.

We went for dinner at some swanky place after the MTV super awards…Can’t remember the name of the place, Cuisine or something I think, at the fort, under embassy.

Later on we headed to Embassy, originally was 3 of us, myself, Tina and Bryan.

Tina and me..she’s got a child, she’s a MILF YEAH!

We were in the VIP room with all the celebs, some jaw dropping girls in there, was too busy drooling to take random pictures 馃槈

Bryan and Tina

Bryan and I

It was pretty empty at first as we went early (around midnight!)..

By 2am though it was pretty happening.

Running with the high-rollers, we chilled with copious amounts of Vodka Redbull and a bottle of moet…

The designer Gian was there too, he’s a very very nice guy.

This guy (Kiko) was obviously considered hot by Philippines standards, he had girls approaching him all the time, he also has a Malaysian fiance, has a good taste in women 馃槈

We left early in the morning as the sun was rising and bumped into some ethiopian students on the road.

Bryan was just as you expect him to be from reading his blog, over the top, super-gay, friendly, talkative etc..

Was a fun night out, and quite an experience to find how the other side lives..VIP rooms, champagne, white stuff etc..

Post note, for those of you that didn’t notice, Google came out with a blog search yesterday, it’s not totally complete, but it’s very fast and pretty good so far.

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Philippines pretty much SUCKED! – No…

Of course I wouldn’t say something like that, Manila was cool!

I went there for a few days on a business trip to conduct some audits, the call centre industry over there is huge, apparently there are over 100,000 people in the Metro Manila area working call centres, I guess their accents are a lot more neutral and perhaps ‘America Friendly’ than many of the other Asian countries.

I was supposed to stay in the Shangri-la over there, but it was a bit out of budget so we stayed across the road in the Peninsula Manila[/url], a very nice hotel I must say.

Manila is a nice city, it’s still a bit ghetto-ish in places, but in the Metro districts it reminds me a lot of Bangkok or Jakarta, I would say it’s not quite as developed as the Golden Triangle in KL.

There are 3-4 kinds of taxi things in Manila, the familiar Tuk-tuk found in Thailand and Indonesia, the FX (A kind of Utility vehicle), the normal car-type taxi and loads of these:

Which I’ve forgotten the name of.

The people there were very friendly and used to seeing westerners around, the women there are extremely beautiful, although petite they have excellent features and succulent figures 馃槈

I didn’t really have much time to look around as it was a short trip and we were working weird hours (Call centres there work from 9pm till 6am..).

But we heard Greenhills was the place to go for shopping and especially Pearls, so we headed over to that area.

It was around lunch time, so we grabbed some food first, I wanted to try something a bit local and I spotted a place called Bangus (no not BANGBUS) which looked localish, so I thought I should check it out.

I didn’t know what the hell most of the food was, so we just opted for the set meal thing.

Along came some crispy Calamari, which wasn’t bad.

Some nice vege soup which was vaguely tom yam-ish.

Then along came the feast!

There were spring rolls, mixed veg, prawns, mango, spring rolls, gorgeous fish and some kind of pork I think it was which was very nice too.

The fish you can see was really good, they had somehow taken out all the flesh, minced it up with herbs and spices, stuck it back in and fried it I think, very very nice.

After that we headed over to Greenhills, that place puts everywhere to shame…It’s freaking huge, I mean seriously.

If you are familiar with KL, imagine Low Yat phone section, Petaling Street (triple the size), Sungei Wang and Central Market all rolled into one, plus more..

They had everything under the sun, I managed to pick up a Ralph Lauren Polo for 40rm, it was excess export goods, a lot of the Polo stuff is produced in Philippines, so they have excess, the same shirt in F.O.S here is about 80RM (also made in Philippines).

They had the hugest range of fake sneakers (including leather shoes and sandals) I’ve ever seen plus all the normal handbags, t-shirts, shirts, jumpers etc etc..

Then the market was really good, my colleague picked up a really nice set of ceramic vases with a wooden stand for like RM40. Wish I had took a bigger case now..

Then there were the Pearls, aisles and aisles of Pearls, a few hundred stalls just selling that.

The prices are really reasonable too, you can buy from the normal non-perfect local pearls up to the flawless Japanese pearls.

Watch out for the next part…a night out in Manila with Bryanboy[/url]!

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Random things I miss from UK – Pork Pie & Cheesecake!

Well after my series of ever popular food posts from the UK, I have a few bits and bobs left that weren’t really suitable for a post of their own, so I shall compile them here and let them speak for themselves.

My Mom’s Lemon Cheesecake

The most awesome cheesecake in the world, homemade, nolies!

Mix some cream cheese with a packet of lemon jelly..

And plenty of lemon rind

Make the base out of crushed digestive biscuits mixed with butter, set the base in the frigde. After the base is set pour over the creamy lemon cheese jelly mix.

Mix some Gelatin with the juice from the lemon used earlier and pour a thin layer on top.

Top with some fresh fruit for a bit of extra tang, Kiwi in this case.

Then eat it, DELICIOUS!

Scotch Eggs

Man I miss my Scotch Eggs, one of the most awesome snacks in the world.

A boiled egg, wrapped in pork meat and covered with breadcrumbs, what could be better?

Serve with plenty of Heinz Ketchup!

REAL Cakes, especially real CREAM cakes

Nothing to say about these, apart from OMG ORGASMIC!


This includes real cream and custard trifle!

The tag line for cream cakes in UK is “Naughty but Nice!


I know the name sounds a bit rude…but well I love these, not sure how to describe them, they are kinda like rubbery bread with holes in, and I love them 馃榾

You load them up with a tonne of butter, until it’s melted and fills all the holes..

Then slap a load of cheese on top, which melts slightly, heavenly!

Pork Pie

This section is dedicated to God.[/url]

This is a Melton Mowbray pork pie, the famous expensive kind, from Tesco’s finest range somemore!

Looks good eh?

Take a nice slice..

Load it up with Colmans English Mustard..

And stick it in your mouth ftw!

Other Random Stuff

Pies Pies and more PIES! Favourites are mince beef and onion, steak and ale and chicken and mushroom..

More cheese than you can shake a stick at..

LOADS of real pork products, best bacon and sausages in the world 馃槈

That’s about it..

There’s a few more things I might remember later.

Enjoy your lunch!

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Woman’s head found in bag by Orchard Road MRT Station

Honestly I haven’t seen anyone right about this, and I found it pretty scary, so I thought I’d give it a mention.

SINGAPORE : A woman’s severed head and limbs were found next to Orchard MRT Station on Friday.

Police are investigating if a woman’s torso found in a black canvas bag along a path near MacRitchie Reservoir is linked to the body parts found earlier at Orchard Road.

The police had responded to a call about an unattended bag at MacRitichie Reservoir earlier in the evening.

The body parts were stashed in a blue sports bag on the grounds near Orchard MRT Station.

The woman’s head was wrapped in a red plastic bag, the arms and legs in two black trash bags.

A cleaner found the unattended sports bag behind the MRT station, between the mosaic wall and the park.

ASP Siow Cheng Cheng, Police Spokesman, said: “Police immediately cordoned off the surrounding area and conducted a search. We are presently working towards establishing the identity of the victim. The search for further remains and evidence is on-going.”

The gruesome find drew a large crowd of on-lookers.

This is the second body parts case in less than three months – a grim reminder of the June 16 case where the body parts of Chinese national Liu Hong Mei were found in the Kallang River

Source: Channel News Asia

Pretty crazy eh? And the second within 3 months?

There’s some crazy dudes roaming around Singapore, that’s for shizzle.

Someone on mentioned this to me actually, he said he had nightmares about it..

Imagine getting on the LRT or the MRT, and there’s a copy of todays newspaper on the seat next to you..So you pick it up to take a read, and there’s a severed head underneath staring up at you. That’s enough to freak anyone out!

Site Downtime

Apologies for the site downtime, I forgot to change the IP addresses for the master NS records as I’m using Custom name server…so the site was down until I remembered, then the DNS propogated. Streamyx seemed to be last actually, as my site was up some time Sunday for most people, as I got new comments.


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Xia Xue Incident Related posts

Singapore vs. Malaysia, Xiaxue vs. Shaolin Tiger

Xiaxue is whinning….

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The Power of Words and the Freedom of Speech

It is easy to sit with the glow of our monitors lighting up our gleeful faces as we hurl insults across continents over the relatively anonymous medium of the Internet, but there are real people on the other side of the keyboard, I learnt that long ago.

I gave up fighting on the net because I hurt too many people, I just returned to my old form because I felt XX needed a lesson in humility, she has victimised and hurt plenty of others. Maybe I went a little far you may say, but well that鈥檚 what I do.

I took down the cumshot picture however and the link to XLX, she is a human after all, and even though she has never apologised for anything or taken down anyones pictures, I will give her some dignity.

In return for this act of kindness, Xia Xue[/url] called me an inbred childfucker.

Besides being ridiculously childish, your arguments also lack depth and intellect. Once this issue is over, you will go back to being a mediocre blogger again.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get hacked again, so it will bring some joy to your sick, boring, sadistic life. Alternatively, I think raping children might bring you some pleasure too; you seem like the sort.

I could have been more gracious, polite and magnanimous, but well from previous experience I’ve found that approach doesn’t actually work. People with thick-skulls and over-inflated self worth just ignore it.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, and as Kimberly[/url] said, and eye for an eye eventually makes everyone blind..

Everyone has to learn to be more tolerant, I mean I have bad experienced, but with bad comes good right? I prefer to highlight the good and positive things in life, perhaps that’s why I remain a ‘mediocre’ blogger. If I always posted how everything sucked, KL sucked, Manila sucked, Singapore sucked, Colombo sucked, Brunei sucked, Jakarta sucked…Then I could be a Z-list blogger too?

I don’t mind criticism, everyone needs to learn to improve from criticism, not rebel, I do mind sweeping generalisation and racism though, I mind them a lot.

Having written about Racism in Malaysia[/url] before, relations between nations is also important..

Everyone can play the freedom of speech card, “It’s my blog I can write what I want”, but well sometimes you have to think a little no? For every action is there an equal or opposite reaction, be it positive or negative. You are viewed based on how you portray yourself, that’s your choice and your choice alone.

And for those who rejoiced, thinking XX had learnt a lesson, apparently she hasn’t.

Oh and btw: I still find I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. Many agree too, far more than those who *roll eyes* think I did, but logical people do not fight with the retarded. I don’t even have to defend myself, because explaining things to dumb people is like teaching a cat to read a detailed and powerfully drawn map – pointless.

Do not, for a moment think you have taught me a lesson. It is silly to presume so, because you are most certainly not fit to be teaching anyone morals yourself. Nor do I deem you to be wiser, cleverer, nor a better person. If I ever need to “learn” anything, it won’t be from you, for I don’t think I saw anything in you worthy of my learning.

Everyone who thinks she did wrong is a retard.

Anyway, back to point, let’s all learn to be a little more tolerant, let’s not insult people’s capital cities, countries or ideals, let’s criticise fairly, learn from those critics and all work to improve things.

You are not even worthy. A fight of what? My readers against my readers? Those who are on “your side” are there not because they like you, it’s because they hate me. Those on mine, are there because they love me.

Don’t bring yourself as high as to say we are “fighting”. As a blogger or a writer, I have already won, and I am not interested to fight you. You are just one of the many insignificant trying to bring me down everyday, and the only reason why I happened to mention you, is because you were the most ridiculous of all.

Dear, dear Wendy, it’s not about ME vs YOU, it’s about MALAYSIA vs YOU, it’s about Sensible Singaporeans vs YOU, I am merely the medium carrying the message, don’t shoot the messenger 馃檪

Let’s all love each other (not literally please) and have a party on the causeway 馃榾

Peace all, and have a great weekend!

*EDIT* – As a request from Miss Wendy Cheng here are all 4 e-mails in full, as I’ve clearly quoted her out of context, although I didn’t give any context or mention..I let her words speak for herself…

“Xia Xue”-gate Emails

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Dukes of Hazzard – General Lee is Back!

Set in present day, the story follows the adventures of Bo (Seann William Scott) and Luke (Johnny Knoxville) Duke, who, along with their eye-catching cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) and moonshine running Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson), look to save the family farm from being destroyed by Hazzard County’s corrupt commissioner Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds). They’ll also have to stay one step ahead of the dimwitted antics of the small southern town’s Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane (M.C. Gainey).

Ok service is back to normal now, apologies to my regular readers who aren’t into blogwars and flaming, but well who wouldn’t enjoy a bit of that now and then..

I shall approach the topics again of Malaysia and Singapore and Asia in general soon..

For anyone that wasn’t aware, Dukes of Hazzard[/url] is a well known TV series from around 1979, around my parents generation.

I grew up seeing the re-runs though (Along with Starksy and Hutch and the series from my generation like the A-team!)..

Who didn’t have a little orange General Lee when they were growing up 馃榾

In all honestly the movie isn’t very true to the orginal series, it’s very slapstick, a lot of sexual humour and the crusaders for good become a pair of dumbass rednecks (Knoxville and William Scott).

In saying that however, I did laugh my ass off. This movie got slated on IMDB running at about 4/10[/url] but I really enjoyed it, it was plain hilarious, extremely stupid and fun, if you are looking for something deep and meaningful, or totally true to the original series don’t look here. Scott basically plays his patented Stifler character all over again.

Uncle Jessie wasn’t Uncle Jessie he was Willie Nelson, the boys weren’t really like the Dukes, and Daisy although a little flirtatious in the series becomes an outright slut in this movie. Although that’s a good thing, Jessica Simpson is basically smoking hot in this movie.

It was cut heavily and it is pretty rude, so don’t take your kids to see it.

If you want to see a completley stupid movie that’s a whole lot of fun, go and see this. The outtakes are very funny.

I’d say it’s worth a watch, especially on Wednesday when the tickets are only 7 bucks!! And yeah I still love the new GSC in 1-Utama.

It’s not great movie with a complex plot, great cinematography or any of that artsy shit, but it made me laugh a lot of times, to me that’s good.

All in all I’d give it a ROFL 6.5/10.

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