OMG Dial-up Sucks

Yeah sorry I promised to post..

But well now am on a new project, in KL (thankfully) with no network and no Internet, so I’m jacking a lousy dial-up connection which gives me a ph33rsome 28.8kbps..Yeah and you thought your Stimx was slow?


Been a bad time technologically for me I guess, my camera is getting weirder and weirder, my laptop mouse keeps disappearing and coming back every 45 seconds (USB connection), my beautiful flat screen 19″ monitor with trinitron tube went out of focus and my awesome wireless, slick, Logitech mouse (MX700) is wearing out so it’s really really hard to get it to charge..

I took my monitor apart and adjusted the focus yesterday, I think it’s still a little bit out, or a little bit too sharp…but it’s infinitely better than the ghosting on white text and general fuzziness the past week.

The other stuff I don’t think I can do anything about apart from:

1) Buy a new Wireless mouse
2) Buy a new Laptop mouse
3) Buy a new Digital Camera

Sounds far too expensive for my liking.

Went clubbing sort of (well not really) on Saturday night, which you can read about from Suanie[/url], Kim and Cass, with some pictures HERE.

Was pretty crappy, never like Savanh and Passion got raided when we just arrived, sucks to the MAX.

Played DOTA till some stupid time, and woke up like 7 PM haha..had dinner and watched 2 movies..

Blade Trinity[/url] was ok, not too bad, not too great.

Confidence[/url] however, I thought was GREAT, watch it!

Stylish, funny, well narrated, something like Oceans 11 or any other con man film 🙂

Was told in an interesting order too, the main character winding up dead, then tracking back and showing how he ended up there.

Some nice twists.

Headed to Mid Valley yesterday, checked out the Holland show, not much there, was some cat-walk action too (skinny ugly bitches) had some Sushi and awesome cinamon buns!

Wanted to check out the cinema too but by 11.30am the queue was stupidly long.

Anyway will post last few pics of Colombo soon I promise…




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3 Responses to OMG Dial-up Sucks

  1. suanie May 3, 2005 at 3:32 am #

    Confidence was good.

  2. 8dee May 16, 2005 at 11:19 am #

    Looks like u need a whole technology make over.

    Dota…..@ Blueserver! Don’t get pawn!

  3. ShaolinTiger May 17, 2005 at 12:23 am #


    They only play allstars there…

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