The Aches, The Downtime, The PC Debacle

I am traumatised….my blog has been down since Friday and only just came back in the middle of Sunday night…

If you are wondering what the hell happened..this site is hosted on the same box as[/url], which is a rather large and resource hungry site (can do 30GB a month, sometimes with 200-300+ concurrent database connections)..Any reasonable machine should be able to handle this, but well the machine we were on couldn’t handle it and MySQL kept crashing, when that happened my blog also went down, along with[/url] and Suans site[/url].

So the box kept going down, the host…decided to suspend our account, which meant all sites under it were also suspended, including this one..without notice or forewarning..which sucked basically, and they refused to re-enable unless we upgraded to a dedicated server, thus if we crashed we would have root access and could sort it out ourselves..and we wouldn’t be effecting anyone else with our apparently excessive we only use 30-40GB per month out of a 200GB quota, so that’s not the issue…it’s a resource thing, and well they never give us any proof or work with us to resolve the problems, they just reboot the machine or lately resort to disabling our account.

It’s been a frustrating, stressful and tiring weekend trying to get this sorted, get access so we can download the site via FTP and dump the database via MySQLdump…

I will be moving my blog to a new host asap, so it no longer has to co-habit with Security Forums[/url]. Following this I will be offering hosting for Malaysia bloggers for 100RM per year, a very reasonable price I believe 🙂

Saturday was interesting day for various reasons…the less said about that the better, was supposed to go clubbing too, but no one had much mood, and KY was away so it was called off, got a new motherboard on Saturday too and did some shopping for other stuff, got myself a new bookcase too.

The beautiful board I got was an Abit NF7-S.

Which is all well and good but I wanted a board that supported SDRAM..not DDR, oh well.

I spent all night putting the beast together anyway, would go and get some DDR RAM on Sunday.

It looks cool, I cleaned the case out and made the new install really tidy, was impressed by my wire tie skills 🙂

The old install looked like this, nice and dusty..

I whipped everything out following that..

The lovely neat new install looks like this..

So yesterday I went and got some DDR RAM from the friend that got me this board, came back home and promptly stuck it in..

The machine promplty wouldn’t boot..

Not from the HDD, not from a CD-ROM or even from a floppy, it just hangs.

Knoppix for example you choose the Kernel options then it gets to vmlinuz….and hangs.

Same for everything, I think maybe the CPU got fried when the motherboard blew.

I’m tempted just to send it to a computer shop and let some other monkeys work it out.

I was annoyed to the say the least, I ended up with some Franken-PC setup to test my HDD’s still worked, which is the most important thing, used my Mini-ITX[/url] machine.

Thankfully they do and the poor little PC ended up downloading around 8000 e-mails overnight (I have a lot of accounts I haven’t checked for some time..

It’s now not self-contained with the hard-drives from my main machine balanced on top of it..

So well at least I have some kind of working desktop now..

Last night I assembled the bookcase I got from Tesco too, which is pretty nice, but for flatpack furniture it was probably the most akward needlessly complicated thing I’ve ever assembled. It was a pain the ass TM!

It started out with 6000 peices and looked something like this..

After some serious consulting of the Japanese language looked something like this..

After some serious shuffling, cursing, random falling apart…it got to this stage..

Finally it was done, in all it’s beauty..

Flatpack furniture it’s a great way to excercise 🙂

I spent Sunday afternoon in the gym the first time…for more than 10 months I think, I’ve been a member for about 3 weeks and been so busy lately haven’t had time to go, but I shall endevour to start going regularly 3 times a week, it’s nearby so should be able to keep to it 🙂

I pumped some weights, went on the cross-trainer and did a Body Combat class, was kinda fun, but was totally exhausted after.

Anyway am aching like shit today..argh!

That’s all for now, need to take my clothes to the laundry before I run out of pants and have to go commando..and need to eat, might be a good idea.

Damn stressful weekend.




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3 Responses to The Aches, The Downtime, The PC Debacle

  1. MrsT January 10, 2005 at 9:36 am #

    Hey..ST .. 🙂
    I was wondering why your site was done too.. for the longest time.. and am glad that you are up and running again.. otherwise cannot stalk you ..!!
    Your MOBO looks so familiar..!! O……… ya… it was wat my spouse got for christmas in 2003 .. 😛
    And why the fark would you wanna have SDRAM..???!!!?? Oops..!! unless yer old computer uses SDRAM… ok.. ok.. understandable… 😉
    And if you managed to get something on screen .. tat must mean.. that your MOBO must not be fried..??? although possibly the IDE ports are dead. And since it would boot on CD-ROM or anything else.. might it be.. your boot disc is no good..??
    But saying so little does not help me.. to understand your problem.. so if you elaborate a little more.. i may try and trouble-shoot for you … 🙂 BTW .. its actually my spouse.. whom i’m getting all these info from.. 🙂

  2. Hustler January 10, 2005 at 9:46 am #

    Cool bro! Impressive!

  3. Yuen Li January 11, 2005 at 6:03 pm #

    Doesn’t it just suck when motherboards and/or processors and/or cooling systems fail? I remember one time, my CPU fan died whilst I wasn’t around (I leave my PC on all the time) and fried both the motherboard AND processor. Since I couldn’t be sure which was at fault, I first had to try a new processor (cheaper) and then a new motherboard (rather more expensive).

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