I am a Blue Wolf..

This thing is pretty damn accurate actually..

Blue Wolfs are really extremely downright sort of person, but because they tend to be shy, people think them as gruff and difficult person to deal with.
It takes a while for others to understand the real you, but once they get to know you, everyone would trust your honest character.
You are a person of kind heart.
You can not say “no” to favors, and will carry out that favor no matter what.
It can be your positive point, but you should think twice before you take on favors, because if you can’t resolve it, there will be far greater consequences.
You have your own world, and can come up with very original ideas.
You can not be satisfied with the all-too-common stuffs, and therefore you establish your own ways of doing and thinking.
The problem is you tend to be weary rather fast.
You need to make an effort to finish what you have started.
People consider you as an off-beat and arrogant person, but you also have a very sensitive side as well.
You have a strong will and are not influenced by your mood, and are indifferent to what’s going on around you.
You are full of new, innovative and unique ideas, and have the energy to put that into action.
You will be good at fields of research and development.

From: https://noracom.net/eng/fortune/color_cheki1.php




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One Response to I am a Blue Wolf..

  1. suanie November 3, 2004 at 5:13 am #

    i’m a purple monkey and it’s not true. eg “You will not be influenced by emotions, and you can make rational and modern decisions. ” <<< the biggest lie i heard about myself

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