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My Obligatory 2005 Summary – With Pictures! – Part I

Well 2005 has been a pretty interesting year, it’s had it’s up and downs as usual, 2004 was a pretty crazy year as you can read here. January – Archives January was a pretty quiet month, I got my own hosting and setup some reseller packages for local users/bloggers at Malaysia Blogs. My PC totally […]

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The Arrival..and the STEAK!

So after the gruelling journey and the drawn out stop-over in Amsterdam (which turned into an impromtu blogging session[/url]), I finally arrived safely back in fair old England. I was greeted of course, in style with typical beautiful British weather….GREY SKIES AND DRIZZLE.. For the past 5 weeks they’ve been having 30 degree temperatures and […]

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Random Ramblings – Poppy sucks ass

The London Tragedy[/url] has put a sad edge on things, kinda depressing. At least .. We are not afraid.[/url] I am still missing my camera, and having withdrawals from not taking pictures.. There is a few movies out I want to see, Initial D, Unleashed and coming soon Seven Swords and Myth (Perhaps Fantastic 4 […]

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