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Blue skies.. MOTHER FUCKING BLUE SKIES. On the day I come back to work, I’ve been wanting to go and take pictures, lovely beautiful pictures with nice long shadows and good bright light. What do I get? YEAH I GET HAZE…haze…more haze, flat light, no shadows, diffusion, lacking textures, boring flat tones I come to […]

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Minehead – Part II – A Walk Along the Seafront

Well after lazing around on the terrace all day we went for a walk along to the harbour and down towards the beach (the opposite direction from Butlins!) to get away from the people and get a bit of fresh air and exercise. It was a nice walk, along by the harbour, the lifeboat station […]

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A Trip to Worcester City Center & The Cathedral

You can’t beat starting the day with a nice egg and bacon sandwich with freshly made homestyle wholemeal bread and a dribble of HP Sauce. The weather wasn’t great in the morning so I just hung around at home, had some light lunch and headed into the city. Planning to check out the cathedral and […]

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Moms Trip – Day 6 – Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park (Taman Rama-Rama!)

Was at a bit of a loss when it came to what to do towards the end of the holiday as Mom has been here before, and we’d done most things, so she suggested the Butterfly park (Taman Rama-Rama in Malay), and off we went. The entrance is about RM12-15 each, and RM2 for your […]

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Moms Trip – Day 1 – Visiting the National History Museum – Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Also known as Muzium Sejarah Nasional. I wonder how many KL-ites know this exists? (Not THAT many I’d guess) I also wonder how many KL-ites have been there (A handful perhaps) I discovered this by accident aswell, not really well publicised I’d say, school kids should go there, Malaysia Tourism should promote it, it’s a […]

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