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GAYPOP Jumps….Is Smashpop GAY?!

Camwhoring – Check Emo Glasses – Check Pink Shirts – Check Looks terribly bored between two girls: Picture from kellster. Looks awfully happy between guys: Picture from Gayp0p. No offence to the other gays guys in the picture. Is SmashGAYPop batting for the other team? BTW leaving the first comment on ALL of your own […]

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The Quality of Pings on PPS Lately

I’ve heard a lot about this lately, a lot of people talking about it, well complaining about it. And it’s struck me too, the quality of content on PPS has dropped dramatically, I guess it’s inevitable for any kind of unrestricted system, as the volume increases, the quality decreases, the same can be said for […]

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Internet Disease Part II – How to Be a Net WHORE

So here I was minding my own business when I heard about a post from FA that mentioned her, so I had a look at this blog, Kenny No-Coconuts did an aside about it before, Miniwhatever blogged about it too. Well now it seems like it’s my turn, this post is inspired by the alltime […]

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