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A Trip Up the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire

After a lovely day out and visiting Broadway, we had dinner in Birmingham at my Aunts house. The next day was a rest day really, eat and laze around the house, catch up on a few e-mails and so on. Breakfast was a classic Bacon and Egg sandwich on freshly homemade bread! My choice of […]

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An Afternoon in Broadway (Evesham/Worcestershire)

So after the lovely carvery lunch we headed off to the quaint village of Broadway for a wonder round – one of the favourite stops for coach tours and you can always see hoards of yanks and europeans wondering up and down the main street (depending on the season). It’s one of the more famous […]

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A Trip to Worcester Cathedral & Royal Worcester Porcelain

After a good long sleep and getting adjusted back to UK time it was off down to Worcester Cathedral for a walk around. We happened to be in town during the Three Choirs Festival, so there were lots of events going on. This part of the Cathedral (the altar) always strikes me as odd, with […]

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A Walk Through Worcester Back Streets

So after the cathedral I had a walk through the deserted streets of Worcester City center. There weren’t many people around as it was a weekday afternoon and it was getting towards the time when the shops close…yeah 5.30pm Shocking eh! I had a walk through the oldest part of Worcester near the city wall, […]

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A Trip to Worcester Cathedral & FOOD!

Hmm nothing like a lovely fat pork chop covered in stuffing and some lightly boiled vegetables! The stuffing on top means the pork chop rind goes super crispy but the meat itself stays moist and juicy! The left over boiled potatoes were turned into potatoe salad the next day and served with some super fresh […]

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A Trip to Worcester City Center & The Cathedral

You can’t beat starting the day with a nice egg and bacon sandwich with freshly made homestyle wholemeal bread and a dribble of HP Sauce. The weather wasn’t great in the morning so I just hung around at home, had some light lunch and headed into the city. Planning to check out the cathedral and […]

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Baked Potatoe & Worcester Porcelain – Classic!

Well after that feast at the River I was still kinda full for breakfast so I skipped it and had a nice solid lunch, classic British Baked potatoe with bacon, baked beans and grated cheddar cheese. Prepare a few simple ingredients. We have one of those fancy Microwave + conventional oven affairs, which are perfect […]

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WildFit Challenge – Week 5 – No Alcohol or Caffeine

This week was a shocker for a lot of people, WHAT NO CAFFEINE TO WAKE UP?! WHAT NO ALCOHOL TO FALL ASLEEP?! NO NICOTINE?! Indeed, no alcohol or caffeine and no nicotine. Yah, those are the crutches most people are extremely reliant on, and the basis is that now you’re extremely well nutritionally satisfied at […]

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A Letter To My Mom

So.. Mom is back to cold, snowy England after spending a glorious 5 weeks in sunny (sweaty) Malaysia with us and her new grandson. Although she does actually like winter, well seasons in general. Which Malaysia doesn’t really have. We have hot, or hot and wet. I’m sad though, honestly gonna miss having her around. […]

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Easy but DELICIOUS Meatloaf Recipe

I keep forgetting my own recipe, so I’m gonna note it down here and it’s been a looooong time since I’ve done a cooking/food post on here (probably like 2005) – so here we go. I’ve never really had a meatloaf I liked, and I always thought meatloaf must be something good because the yanks […]

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