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Reduce the Extreme Taxation on Alcohol in Malaysia

Budget 2012 is coming soon and there are rumours that Alcohol tax may be INCREASED! – short version – sign this petition now! Reduce the Extreme Prices for Alcohol in Malaysia For too long, responsible consumers of alcohol beverages in Malaysia have been subject to one of the highest prices on the planet for drinks, […]

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Alcohol-Consumer-Rights Group Malaysia (Alcon) – The Offical Launch!

You know I love Alcohol – I also DO NOT love the ‘sin tax’ levied on booze by the government, it makes foreign beers/single malt whisky and other spirits really expensive here. Alcon is basically a consumer rights group for alcohol consumers in Malaysia to reduce the high tax, the petition is here: Reduce the […]

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ABSOLUT AKADEMI In KL, Malaysia With Matt Pomeroy

So a while back I was invited for a very interesting Alcohol related event by my homeboy Eric Lim, it was something to do with education – which is good because I have to admit I know very little about vodka and in this case it was an invite to ABSOLUT AKADEMI. The blurb was […]

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Glen Grant Single Malt Whisky Tasting With Godiva

So this is the inaugural, first post in my new Single Malt Whisky category! Trust me when I say there’s going to be many more posts here! I love Single Malt Whisky, seriously, I’m not such a big fan of blended Whisky – but I don’t mind the American stuff like Sourmash and Bourbon. I […]

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Johnnie Walker Black Circuit 2011 @ Palace Of The Golden Horses

As you may have noticed (or not), I have a new category now called Alcoholic Frolic. You may ask why? Well the answer to that is simple, I love drinking and I drink a lot. So it’ll give me something to write about, not that I don’t already have too many things to write about…but […]

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