Aggregated Asia Pacific , IT, Infosec News & Virus Alerts

Yah I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, had to hack the RSS backend plugin to get it to accept more than 9 feeds, but that’s sorted now!

I’ve aggregated General News, including Malaysia[/url] specific and Asia-Pacific region feeds.

One stop shop for all your news needs!

Saves browsing through dozens of sites, can just pick out the news stories that interest you, RSS is teh pwn!

Also done the same for IT news and Information Security news, mostly my interests. Includes the normal big boys like Slashdot[/url], The Register[/url] and CNET[/url].

The final section would be Aggregated Virus Alerts, just so you can keep an eye what is going on.

Spread the word, make life easier for people, all the news in one spot!

Don’t forget the links page either with a massive IT and IT security links list! It also contains links to my best articles and some things I’ve written on other sites.




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