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D to izz-O, T to the izz-A

Goes along to the song of “Izzo H.OV.A.” by Jay-Z:

(PD singing)
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 8th wonder of the world
The game of the century.. oh it’s timeless.. DOTA!
Thanks for hostin up tonight
You coulda been anywhere in the realm, but you’re here with East
I appreciate that.. uh..

D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Fo’ shizzle my nizzle used to push down early mid lanes
Was hurtin ’em in the tree of protectors; got xp cheap for them
Plus if they was short with cheese, Fuzzy work with them
Brought in Naix, got rid of that corpse for them
Wasn’t born inhouse, I was pubbin’em
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Fo’ sheezy my neezy Frosty’s bite so freezy
Can’t leave edits alone the game needs me
Titan want me clapped and stunned it ain’t easy
SA wanna pop me, DK wanna box me in
But somehow, beat NE charges with Void-Stop, see
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Not guilty, he who does not pool me
is not cool to me, therefore he doesn’t exist
So poof — lag out, son of a b****!

D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Fo’ shizzle my nizzle used to push down early mid lanes
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Cow as -random? man i can’t stand’em
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Not filthy y’all got to pool me
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
Cow as -random? man i can’t stand’em

Holla at me…
I do this for some lovin’,
To let ’em know what a map look like, when a map triggers customs
Show ’em how to spam in a lane full of Hunts-and,
flashin trees shady, creeps need to be taken over
xp deniers hate me I’m raisin my level so up
I’m overnukin leshrac for what he did to the po’ Hunt
Play us like you own us for all the necro skellies rose up
We can talk, but manny walks so stack mo’ bucks


DOTA’s back, life stories told through maps
people actin like it smoke like crack
Like I told you no bugs; no, patch did that
so hopefully you won’t have to go through that
I was raised in the beta, vamp lisks for strats
lich out back, freezin towers so tough
Lookouts on the corner, pinging on the map
DM in the window, ancients gettin tored up
Me under a damn host, why he got a slot closed?
Stacks in for long, watchin the long wait of the stall
So you know I seen it all before
I seen DE dreams deflate like a Manny who lanes
To lag and to bail, the two things I hate
Succeed in this map game, the two things that’s great
D to the izz-O, T to the izz-A
What else can I say about dude, my ping bizz-ay


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Brunei….Part II

Ok well it’s not so bad here..

Had lunch at the only shopping mall in Brunei…it seems ok, food was lousy though, seems like a recurring theme here…they seem obsessed with Salt, everything is damn salty

At least they have a cinema there and some pirated DVD’s so I can get something to watch whilst I’m wasting my hours here.

We usually eat at an Indian resturant…as the guys I stay with are Indians, and well let’s say it’s putting me off Indian food…super salty Indian food at least..

I had a great Sharwarma last night though, there is some good Arabic food here with plenty of kebabs.

Went to play pool last night also…(HELLO A POOL PLACE YOU CAN’T SMOKE IN?? WTF)..

No competition really, beat everyone in a row…so was a bit boring, after that went to watch Taxi as outlined below, pretty funny movie.

People just tend to ‘lepak’ (hang out) here..and modify their cars, there’s like a HUGE max power scene going on. My observation is there’s really nothing much else to spend your money on…the houses are huge, the cars are PHAT (I’ve never seen so many tuned Subaru[/url]‘s, but I’ve yet to see an EVO) and that’s about it..

Few people gaming here…mosty C&C though *yawn*

Anyway that’s that for now…training starts tommorow and I got back late last night by Brunei standards so I need to sleep..(8am start here is normal..)

If you wish to know more about Brunei you can find out here:

Brunei Government[/url]
CIA Factbook

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I watched this movie last night..Taxi[/url] is a ‘modern’ remake of the 1998 Luc Besson French comedy of the same name.

It has horrible reviews and got totally slated..which is odd because for some reason I really enjoyed it.

I mean it was pretty stupid, brainless and banal..but I laughed all the way through

It had hot chicks, fast cars, guns/shooting and explosions, I mean what more could a guy want from a movie?


If you want something deep, don’t watch this movie, and PLEASE don’t compare it to the original.

However if you want to watch a dumbass movie and don’t mind laughing at some *REALLY* stupid jokes, then be my guest and check it out.

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I am a Blue Wolf..

This thing is pretty damn accurate actually..

Blue Wolfs are really extremely downright sort of person, but because they tend to be shy, people think them as gruff and difficult person to deal with.
It takes a while for others to understand the real you, but once they get to know you, everyone would trust your honest character.
You are a person of kind heart.
You can not say “no” to favors, and will carry out that favor no matter what.
It can be your positive point, but you should think twice before you take on favors, because if you can’t resolve it, there will be far greater consequences.
You have your own world, and can come up with very original ideas.
You can not be satisfied with the all-too-common stuffs, and therefore you establish your own ways of doing and thinking.
The problem is you tend to be weary rather fast.
You need to make an effort to finish what you have started.
People consider you as an off-beat and arrogant person, but you also have a very sensitive side as well.
You have a strong will and are not influenced by your mood, and are indifferent to what’s going on around you.
You are full of new, innovative and unique ideas, and have the energy to put that into action.
You will be good at fields of research and development.


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The Punishment Post…

Oh well..I’m not sure I’ll be able to post anything for a while..

I have been posted to Brunei, it’s possible the quietest place I’ve ever been.

I have to keep the TV on full blast just to keep myself from going crazy from the lack of sound..

The food is exceedingly mediocre..There is NO alchohol, no pork and nothing to do..

I brought a few books though and have quite a few things to catch up with so maybe it wont be too bad, it will be some kind of extended 5 week relaxing holiday…with a bit of work in between (each day 8am-3pm)..

Perhaps I can go to the Sultans yard and steal his gold toilet 🙂


If I got bored in Singapore for 10 days what the hell am I going to do here?

I have some reviews to do for SFDC so I brought a few geek books and a couple of Dan Browns I haven’t had time to read yet..

I almost finished 1 book yesterday though (stupid flight was delayed) so I think it’s going to be a long 5 weeks..unless I find a decent book shop here.

Also I’m limited to dial-up here…I managed to jack someones Wireless connection earlier but it was very unstable and kept dropping me (signal was low and I don’t have a cantenna[/url]).

I’ve only been here a day though so I will reserve some judgement and let you all know how it is after a week or so..

That’s if anyone bothers reading my random ramblings 🙂

Will take some pics too..if that’ll make you happy 😀

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