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Visa payWave Security – Yes IT IS SAFE And So Convenient

I’ve seen threads about Visa payWave security crop up on my Facebook timeline quite a few times, especially with Malaysia mandating the usage of “Chip-and-PIN” cards to be compulsory January 2017 (last month). Most of these cards come with contactless payment options, most commonly Visa payWave. I’m pretty sure by now everyone is familiar with […]

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Off To Singapore I Went

It’s been a busy couple of weekends, especially for my car – it probably did 1000km or more for both of the last two weekends. With the previous weekend being a long 5-6 hour drive to the jetty for Lang Tengah and back again and the past weekend being a much faster 3 hour drive […]

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Scary Saudi

Travelling again, in Saudi now after a 26 hour journey..for a job I don’t have, yeah I’m jobless remember 馃槢 15 hour transit in Dubai, erg….at least they gave me a hotel so I could pass out for a few hours, they didn’t feed me though…which is bad! Well some people might say it’s good […]

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