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Joey at Sungai Gabai – Final Set

Busy weekend again, this is the last in the Joey set, natural light again, a few different kinds of shots. Will post something else soon, you must be bored of Joey now 馃槈 Water Babe Heat (more…)

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Sungai Gabai with Joey – Natural Light

This is the second set, with more natural light (and some help from a reflector to soften the shadows, wish I had a diffuser with me though), I hate having to rely on flash and I think these pictures came out much better. More to come soon, just got back from Jakarta this evening so […]

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Sungai Gabai Waterfall Model Shoot with Joey

So Saturday morning I got up bloody early to go to the Sungai Gabai waterfal in the Hulu Langat area, it’s about 30+km from the Ampang/Cheras area of KL. It’s a beautiful place, but by the afternoon it gets too packed. We were shooting a Bikini shoot with our cute model for the day Joey, […]

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