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A Trip to The Garden Center – If You Like Flowers Look Here

I went to see my decrepid old gran, who’s reaching 100 soon.. We took her to the Garden center for lunch, it’s quite nice there. English weather still get’s me though, if you sit in the shade, and there’s a breeze you need to put a jacket on..but if you move out into the sun […]

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The Trip Home & A Pub Lunch in Malvern

Well after missing my connecting flight and being stuck in Dubai airport for a grand total of 10 hours, I finally made it home, trip time around 25 hours.. Let’s just say I was pretty tired, but not too bad as I got leg room on both flights, yay! The second one was surprisingly empty, […]

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I never thought I’d say I miss…

Streamyx, but actually I do! Current equipment – Pentium II 333mhz, Windows 98 and a crappy dial-up connection. So yeah I did manage to get on the plane the second time, I didn’t miss it again, flight was smooth, slightly earlier than planned they gained some time. Watched a Spike Lee movie on the plane […]

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The Arrival..and the STEAK!

So after the gruelling journey and the drawn out stop-over in Amsterdam (which turned into an impromtu blogging session[/url]), I finally arrived safely back in fair old England. I was greeted of course, in style with typical beautiful British weather….GREY SKIES AND DRIZZLE.. For the past 5 weeks they’ve been having 30 degree temperatures and […]

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