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I Love Volvo & Perspectives of Progress

Volvo is a brand that’s always been synonymous with safety and class. Volvo Trucks is a global truck manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo. It is the world’s second largest heavy-duty truck brand What was surprising to me, was that Volvo Trucks actually jumped into public perception recently with a series of […]

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The Ford Ranger Challenge – It’s Time To Vote!

You may remember last month I posted about – The All-New Ford Ranger & Twitter Contest! – well now it’s time for voting! The voting phase for the Ford Ranger Challenge is from 21st May to 22nd June. The Grand Prize Winner will be selected based on the total number positive votes generated combined with […]

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Malaysia Ranger Challenge By Ford

I really like Ford (as you’ve probably noticed) – I’ve written about the Ford Fiesta before and I’m actually considering buying a Ford as my next car purchase! The latest from Ford is a new contest to promote the beefy looking Ford Ranger! Yes you can actually win the ALL NEW Ford Ranger XLT! Here’s […]

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Buddy Up – There’s Nothing Better Than Traveling With Your Buddies!

Friends are great, in most part they are what makes life worthwhile. What is even better? Partying with them! I’ve been living in Malaysia for almost 8 years now and a large part of my love for the country has been having a great group of friends to hang out with, eat and travel. We’ve […]

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Damn HDD Failure Sucks – Dell SOS PhotoStory Contest

I’m not sure how long you’ve all been reading my blog, but if you’ve been reading it for 6 years there’s a slight chance you may remember this post: No I WONT fix your #%$!#@ PC! & Some FREE tips If you didn’t read it, or well even if you did – go read it […]

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Cars Cars Cars! & The Perodua Auditions.

I love cars, you probably noticed that. I write about them quite often in the Cars/Motorsports category here on my blog and I talk about them rather often too. My first car was way back in 2002, I was quite old when I got my first car at 24 (for UK standards anyway). I sold […]

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P1 4G Modem – Now Does Voice & The Furious Voice Contest

With the 3-in-1 P1 4G modem, P1’s customers can now enjoy a converged communications services which allows them to do beyond just broadband. The P1 4G modem, besides enabling P1’s customers to surf the internet with high usage quota, sharing their broadband service with other family members via the WiFi enabled modem router, it also […]

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Win a Macbook, iPhone, iPod Touch & More With Honda Racing Ultimate Challenge

As you would well know if you follow my blog, I’m a fan of Cars & Motorsport and even have a category dedicated to it. I attend organised events as well as having my own stuff like Project Airtrek. I’ve driven on Sepang myself multiple times and often attend Open Track Days. The last time […]

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My Funniest Slurpee Video Contest

The weather has been fabulously (or terribly) hot lately, depending on how you look at it. For me coming from a rather grey and cold country, I much prefer the warm weather than the cold variety. But sometimes I do get a little warm and I need to cool down, aircon is one option – […]

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Which Hyundai R U?

Wanna win some awesome prizes? Well I do! Hyundai-Sime Darby is now the sole distributor of all Hyundai vehicles and they are having a great contest which could send you on a dream European Tour for 2! That’s if you want to be creative and take a picture. If you just want to sign up […]

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