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Return of the Kitteh & I got a conscience?!

Ok so I came home….and I found the kittehs hunched up in the same little space between the grill and the glass door, no doubt if the glass door had been open a crack they would have squeezed into the house again and sat on my speaker in the lovely smelly warm place next to […]

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Found Me Some Pussy

I came home from work as normal, I’d left the patio door open slightly to air the place while I was out as it’s been humid the last few days it was a bit stuffy. Anyway…I got home and went to shut the door and saw something on the floor, as it was all dark…I […]

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Give a Dog or Cat a New Home Today – Save the Animals

A friend forwarded me some information about a group of people who need some help in fostering or just lending a hand in rescuing animals. These animals can’t fend for themselves…they need us! Independent Pet Rescuers (IPPERS) are an NGO who have been trying to fight animal abuse and prevent cruelty to animals. They work […]

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