Sometimes it’s best..

Just to let it go.

Domain Drop

I had a stage of buying domains after talking to a friend quite a lot who quit his real estate job to buy and sell domains, he hardly had to work and spent most of his time playing DOTA and taking cruises round the world.

Especially when he hit a big one and sold it for 10’s of thousands of USD.

He also made money from the adverts on the 20,000 or so domains he owned.

Incredible eh?

I managed to sell one out of all those I bought, I set up various sites on the others…none of which made any decent income.

Google and Adsense are a lot smarter than they used to be.

So now I’m letting all the spare ones drop, I’ll be keeping a few core domains which I have proper plans for, and of course keep the current ones up to date.

But as for being a domain name mogul?

Not for me I guess.




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