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EveryoneConnects Manchester United Vs Chelsea Viewing Party!

I’d guess amongst my readers there’s a fair few EPL fans out there, and amongst those I’d say a large proportion should support one of the two giants playing this coming Sunday. So are you a Man Utd fan? Or a Chelsea fan? If you are, you HAVE to be interested in this! TM EveryoneConnects […]

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EveryoneConnects Celebrates 1st Birthday With New Look & Feel

What is EveryoneConnects? It’s a TM-powered movement for the youth to demonstrate the power of connecting, communicating and collaborating, fortifying the belief that connections make anything possible. The URL is https://www.everyoneconnects.net/ What have they done so far? They organized the BIGGEST karaoke event last year at Bukit Bintang hosted by Bunkface with their single “Through […]

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TM iTalk Buddy – Creating Communities

Do you remember IRC? Those were the heydays of online communication, with ICQ (do you remember your ICQ number still because for some odd reason I do..). And yeah I had a 6 digit ICQ number at one point until I forgot the password. ICQ went downhill FAST when it was bought by AOL (1998). […]

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