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Selamat Hari Raya For 2014

Selamat Hari Raya 2014 everyone, have a great holiday with your friends and families, drive safe and eat plenty!

Salam Aidilfitri

Forgive those who’ve wronged you, and apologise to those you’ve wronged.

And watch my video of course 🙂

Enjoy the break!

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SCUBA Diving At Pom Pom Island, Sabah – Malaysia

So in the first part of this trip I wrote about getting to Pom Pom, our experience there, the food, the resort and so on. But obviously we went there for diving! So how was SCUBA diving at Pom Pom island?

I didn’t have the best start, gearing up for the first BCD back plate snapped – boo! Shortly after this picture I think.

Gearing Up

But even the shore dive on the first day was great, just look at that scenery and crystal clear water.

Pom Pom Island Beach

One of my issues with diving is that…I’m so white like a milk bottle, whenever someone takes a picture of me underwater with a flash – it gets mad overexposed..haha. Like so:

Shiny White Head

Anyway as for diving, we had a great time, visibility was pretty good on the whole, currents not to strong and some interesting spots (You’ll see so many turtles you’ll get kinda bored of it haha). The only thing that kind of freaked us out was the bombing, the sea gypsies use dynamic/grenades/c4 to bomb large areas of the coral and catch all the fish.

This leads to massive devastation of the coral ecosystem, and a loud bang under the water when you are diving (if you are near enough you can feel a slight movement in the water as the force wave passes by).

The place was absolutely stunning of course, whichever way you looked it was just amazing and the water was super flat like a millpond most of the time. Really relaxing.

SCUBA Diving

There was a good variety of things if you are into photography too (macro and micro), like this cute Juvenile Spiny Puffer.

Juvenile Spiny Puffer

And this fearsome Moray Eel.

Moray Eel

And best of all this rather prehistoric looking Crocodile Fish.

Crocodile Fish

Here’s Kim and I enjoying to the max, we had a really good time and great dives at Pom Pom – can’t wait to go back!

Kim & Gareth

These were our dive-sites:

Day 2:

#1 Drop Coral – Manta Buan
#2 Aquarium – Manta Buan
#3 Mandarin Playground – Pom Pom

Day 3:
Bohey Dulang
#1 Two Brothers – Beautiful coral landscape, drift dive. Orang utan crab. Turtle. Cuttlefish.
#2 Two Sisters – Juvenile box fish. Saw the results of fishing with dynamite 🙁
#3 Shore night dive – cuttlefish, nudi, lots of eels (zebra eel)

Day 4:
#1 Shipwreck post – garden eel, lion fish, angler fish, trigger fish, Moray eel, huge old turtle, juvenile box fish
#2 House Reef – amazing under the jetty was like the world’s best aquarium. Saw the massive resident barracuda called charlie. Scorpion fish, garden eels. Unicorn fish.
#3 Pom Pom Lobster Wall – nudi, scorpion fish, turtle, amazing wall drop

Shipwreck post is actually a pretty interesting dive as there’s an official (POS Malaysia sanctioned) underwater post box where you can send your postcards out, really cool! Unfortunately there were a LOT of particles in the water and it was pretty dark so the pictures didn’t come out great, but it was a really fun experience.

Mataking underwater postbox

Another memorable dive was the Mataking House Reef, which is basically a dive under and around the resort jetty, there is a lone Barracuda that’s always there, IIRC his name was Charley. He kept his beady eyes on us, but was pretty cool.

Barracuda - Charley

The obligatory underwater group shot (which you might have seen printed out at this years MIDE).

Pom Pom Group Shot

I honestly can’t wait to go back, and am just itching to go diving in general. Arghhh!

Underwater pics thanks to Marcus & JK.

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Please Service Your Car Before You Balik Kampung! Carama by Castrol

I really love cars, I have a whole category for Cars/Motorsport and a hashtag for my Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo – which I pride myself on taking extremely good care of.

It’s important to maintain your car well for multiple reasons, the main and MOST important one being safety. Safety for you, your passengers and family and for everyone else on the road that could be affected by your poorly maintained car.

Secondly, if you follow your service intervals properly, replace parts when they are supposed to be replaced and just generally take care of your car – it will last a lot longer and you’ll save a lot on larger, more serious repairs down the road.

And lastly, well if you do balik kampung, you want to get home on time! Plus if you break down, you are going to contribute to the already epic traffic jams getting worse – no one wants that do they?

Plus the fact it’s really hard to find a good, honest, trustworthy car workshop in Malaysia that does quality work for a fair price. That’s why we do really needs sites like Carama to help us make informed decisions as consumers, but to be useful, more people need to use such services and leave reviews (both good and bad).

Thankfully for you Carama provides you with an avenue to find a good workshop near you AND they are having a Balik Kampung promotion at the moment, which will get you a service worth RM200 for only RM128. The savings by themselves are already great, but Carama gives you the benefit of being able to book online and see ratings/reviews for workshops by people who have used them.

The service includes:

  • 1. Semi synthetic oil change (up to four litres)
  • 2. New Oil filter
  • 3. Brake inspection:
    • Disc pads inspection
    • Brake line
    • Calipers & rotors
    • Brake shoes
    • Drums
    • Air cleaning
    • Brake fluid top up (if necessary)
  • 4. Car Safety and Health Inspection
    • Battery water top up
    • Radiator water top up
    • Brake fluid top up
    • Power steering fluid top up
    • Windscreen washer tank top up
    • Air filter check & clean
    • Spark plugs check
    • Windscreen wiper check
    • Drive belts check
    • Cooling hoses & connections check
    • Check & adjust tyres pressure
    • Headlamp, tail light, brakes and signal lights conditions check
    • Radiator leakage check
    • Tyres condition check
    • Battery terminal and cable check

Carama Safe Balik Kampung Promotion

A lot of the traffic jams and accidents during the festive season are due to cars that are driven mainly in the city suddenly going on a long trip without proper maintenance, bald tyres, worn down brake pads and so on.

Don’t let it happen to you! I might be travelling around a bit during the festive season so I headed over to Carama to see if there’s any good workshops near me available to give my car a once over. I was glad to see there was a workshop pretty near to where I live with good ratings (4/5 from 5 reviews).


The interface for Carama is really straight forward and it’s easy to make your booking.

Carama by Castrol

The site also provides a “Service Price Calculator” which can help you calculate approximately how much certain things should cost, to protect you from getting fleeced.

All you need do is make a booking at one of the 200+ workshops in the Klang valley and use the promo code “RAYA 128“. The promo package is available for bookings made from 1st July to 31st July 2014 and must be made online.

You can check out the site to learn more and make your booking here.

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