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Pork Chops, Stuffing and Cauliflower Cheese!

This cauliflower cheese is dedicated to KY..Yeah I ate enough for him too, don’t worry!

Apologies for the earlier post, I got mixed up, those were lamb chops not pork chops, lamb chops are a lot smaller.

Lamb chops with mint sauce, pork chops with apple sauce, just remember that.

Take some proper farm pork chops…

Take some nice fresh cauliflower and boil it for about 5 minutes in plain water..

Layer a load of stuffing on the pork chops to keep them moist

Pour the cauliflower into a baking pot, cover in cheese sauce (White sauce with some butter, grated cheese and a couple of teaspoons of wholegrain mustard to give it a kick + normal salt and pepper) and sprinkle some breadcrumbs on top.

Stick it all in the oven and roast it.

Cauliflower should end up like this, nice and moist with a crunchy cheesy top layer.

Pork Chop should come out like this, nice and juicy because of the stuffing with a crispy rind, served with normal boiled potatoes and carrots..

Add some Cauliflower Cheese, some tangy home made apple sauce and some nice meaty gravy made from the fat in the bottom the pork pan.

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Baked Potatoe & Worcester Porcelain – Classic!

Well after that feast at the River I was still kinda full for breakfast so I skipped it and had a nice solid lunch, classic British Baked potatoe with bacon, baked beans and grated cheddar cheese.

Prepare a few simple ingredients.

We have one of those fancy Microwave + conventional oven affairs, which are perfect for cooking baked potatoes, I bought it years ago, now my mom loves it.

Mom had a salad as she was feeling a bit bloated from keeping up eating all the stuff I wanted.

Hmm look at the melting cheese, lovely! Added in a few small onions aswell fried up with the bacon.

Look at it steaming!

Great start to the day.

After that we headed down to Worcester Porcelain, there a few famous things here, Worcestershire sauce of course (the factory STINKS), Worcester Porcelain, Worcester Cricket Team and Worcester Race Course..

There was of course…well loads of porcelain.

There are a couple of designs I like, the Platinum edge and a navy blue and gold simple design, but this shit is top notch (expensive as hell).

For example one tea-cup and saucer from some of the latest expensive designs can cost you 30 pounds, yes, for ONE thats 210RM for 1 cup and saucer.

You can get seconds though which aren’t too bad, about 7 (50RM) pounds for a mug, or the plain white stuff which hasn’t even been painted yet.

Not too attractive though, very prison style.

After that headed home and had some proper afternoon tea, fresh cream and fresh fruit meringues!

My mom can make meringue of course, but she bought some as they are very nice home style ones, not the factory produced ones (about twice the price).

Used up the rest of the whipped cream from the strawberries and cream..

Chop up some fruit (Kiwi and Nectarine this time as the strawberries had gone mouldy)


*EDIT Am rushing off now back to KLIA to Phillipines, will try and update again soon!*

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My Mom’s Garden – Idyllic

As a break from all the food, I’m all eaten out…(Don’t worry 3-4 meals yet to come)..I’ll feature my mom’s garden.

My mom loves her garden, I like it too..

It’s nothing like our old garden, which was 120ft long and contained all kinds of stuff, loads of flowers plus 2 apple trees, 2 plum trees, goosberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, rhubarb, runner beans, broadbeans, lettuce, spinach, radish and all kinds of herbs and spices, it was awesome!

This one is small but well filled.

There are quite a lot of different varieties for such a small garden.

Such as Geraniums…


Ballerina Roses..




Brown Skipper Butterflies..

And Bumble Bees on the Globe Thistle..

Bear in mind it’s coming to the end of summer so these plants and flowers aren’t at their finest, and some heavy rain lately has battered them a bit.

But well there’s my mom’s garden!

And here’s my mom in her garden, cheers!

I’ll be flying back now…just packing my things, feel kind of sad to be leaving my mom again (and her food..), oh well I have missed Malaysia, but I’ll be flying straight to Phillipines when I get back, returning on Sunday.

I doubt I’ll blog from Amsterdam this time as I’ll only be there a couple of hours, will post again when I get home for a couple of hours, I’ve allready written another 3 posts, just marked them draft.

Coming soon, Baked potatoe, Worcester Porcelain, Fruit Meringue and Pork Chops!

The rest will have to come when I get home from Manila (or when I’m there if the hotel is decent), including God’s Pork Pie, Bangers & Mash (followed by home made apple pie) and a nice walk in the country.


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