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Malaysian Theme Parks – An Interactive Guide

There are quite a number of Malaysian Theme Parks, many of which people aren’t really aware of – Expedia has come out with a great Interactive Malaysian Theme Parks Guide which allows you to explore the various options available. It allows you to filter the list in various ways by location, price or the activities […]

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Visa payWave Security – Yes IT IS SAFE And So Convenient

I’ve seen threads about Visa payWave security crop up on my Facebook timeline quite a few times, especially with Malaysia mandating the usage of “Chip-and-PIN” cards to be compulsory January 2017 (last month). Most of these cards come with contactless payment options, most commonly Visa payWave. I’m pretty sure by now everyone is familiar with […]

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Where To Go In Malaysia – Interactive Travel Map

Say you’re travelling to Malaysia for the first time, or like me, you live here and are looking where to go in Malaysia – for something new and interesting. This new tool by Expedia could come in really handy! It’s an Interactive Travel Map of Malaysia that provides info about the major cities and points […]

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Doctor Ringgit – Get Cash Loan Within 24 Hours in Malaysia

Doctor Ringgit is an online licensed money lender in Malaysia focusing on small loans, a simple stress free process and a quick 24-hour turn around. Loans are available from RM500-5000 (capped at RM2000 for first time borrowers) with a maximum of 18% (around the same as most credit cards charge annual interest rate). Sometimes you […]

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A Klang Valley Staycation at Amverton Cove

So living in a city can be hectic, sometimes you just want to get away – but you don’t really want to drive for hours or take a flight. That’s where the whole concept of Staycation (stay+vacation) comes in, which is basically having a holiday in your own city or nearby (in this case still […]

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My New Goodyear EfficientGrip Tyres

So a while back I trekked all the way to Cyberjaya to help with a panel on tech infrastructure and architecture for MaGIC Academy, and on the way back…whilst I was conducting a phone-interview for a newspaper no less (hands-free of course) I heard a weird noise and my car felt a little odd. My […]

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eForex – Mobile Currency Exchange in Malaysia

So recently I’ve tried out this new app from Merchantrade (the largest money exchange network in Malaysia) called eForex enables mobile currency exchange in Malaysia. The app allows you check live rates and book at that rate from the app itself, you can then pick up the money at one of their branches around KL. […]

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Malaysia Cybergames 2015 – Dota 2 and Team Secret!

So Malaysia Cybergames 2015 is a pretty big event, with the main attraction being a personal love of mine – Dota 2. Best game ever! The 3-day event which started on 11th December 2015, attracted 5255 gamers to compete across 4 tournaments for Dota 2, FIFA16, Counter Strike and Street Fighter IV ULTRA, with a […]

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GEMFIVE – THE New Online Shopping Destination For Malaysia

GEMFIVE is the latest online shopping destination for Malaysia, with a curated collection of good finds, tips, tools and daily inspirations. It has a great range of partner brands including popular ones like Disney, Crocs, Fred Perry, Sandisk, Tupperware, Philips, Samsonite and many, many more. Currently GEMFIVE has over 20,000 items from over 300 brands. […]

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Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip – Quiet And Comfortable!

So I like cars, and I like tyres – I’m somewhat of a tyre geek haha. I wrote a whole post about choosing my first tyres for my Airtrek previously here: Project Airtrek – Choose Tyres For Your Car – Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo – which happened to be Goodyear Eagle series too haha. And way, […]

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