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The Bukit Batok Video Rumours

Seems like after poor old Tammy NYP, everyone wants to be a porn star, the next thing is the Bukit Batok video, which I don’t even know if it exists yet. Singaporeans again, searching madly for a homemade sex video. (Apparently 13% of all Singaporeans are said to have sex in front of a camera). […]

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XiaXue hates ‘hate sites’ then makes one herself..

For those of you that don’t care, just skip this entry 馃檪 This makes me laugh, seriously. She’s getting dumber and dumber by the day, or more arrogant, not sure which. I haven’t really been following the whole debacle, but the pink poodle and two of her friends (Sandra and Sillycelly) have been having some […]

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KL Doesn’t Suck – Dumb Tourists Suck – Merdeka!

Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger – Round 2 Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger Round 3 – In Reply to the Comments Today children we will be discussing dumb tourists, judgemental idiots, ignorant buffoons and whinging bitches. Sounds like a whole bucket of fun eh? Happy 48th Birthday Malaysia, we love you, even if some photoshopped ugly ho’s […]

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