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Sunny Manila & A Night Out With Bryanboy (AGAIN!)

Got to KLIA nice and early, even with the horrific traffic near Sierramas (stupid flyover has to be torn down). Had an interesting breakfast, and started on my book, Midnight Cowboy (will review seperately later). Arrived in Ninoy Aquino without any trouble and passed through immigration fairly fast. (more…)

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You can call me ShaolinD70s Now! Yippeeeee New Cam!

Been a bit busy, had a really hectic weekend, was sorting loads of things out today, flying to Manila tommorow, if the hotel has net I’ll try and catch up blogging. Sadly it’s not the Penisular Makati this time, it’s some shithole, maybe it’ll have tincan Internet.. Anyway one of the things I managed to […]

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Only in Malaysia 2 – The Egg Man

Only in Malaysia, Part 2. Amazing stuff, how many dozen eggs, on the back of a bike.. Cool! (I have seen worse, but this is the only good one I’ve managed to capture). If you do your own post tag it onlyinmalaysia and if you upload to flickr tag it onlyinmalaysia and trackback the first […]

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Did Your Coppermine Gallery (CPG) Get Spammed? Eww Spam..

Mine did, really it sucks! Anyway if yours did too, you can get rid of all the spam in a few seconds, go to your control panel or however you get to phpMyAdmin on your server (or command line MySQL interface), whichever you are comfortable with and run this SQL statement: DELETE FROM cpgXXX_comments WHERE […]

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I’m Quitting Blogging

I can’t take all the negative comments any more.. All the horrible e-mails. All the lies. All the jealousy. All the cliques. All the haters. It’s just not worth it.. I Just Can’t Take It Any MORE Better channel all my energy into something better right?

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Only in Malaysia 1 – Hang Your Undies on Your Grill?

I been planning this pictorial series for a couple of years LOL, may aswell start it now, if you have any ‘Only in Malaysia’ pictures send them to me and I’ll post them and credit you. I start the series with this one, Only in Malaysia part 1 – The Undies. Nice eh? If you […]

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Happy Birthday To Me.

Well no-one else is wishing me a happy fucking birthday. So I’ll do it myself. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Yah thanks. *EDIT* Birthday wishes to me: Happy Birthday Shaolin Tiger it’s shaolintiger’s birthday! Oooh…another birthday!?

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March is the Month of GOODNESS, Detox, Gym and Diet

So…. Since I quit smoking (btw check this quit smoking site out), was in Brunei for 5 weeks paying fat tax, then my mom was here and it was Chinese new year…too many people have been saying I’ve put on weight. Cambodia was good excercise and got me back in shape…round is a shape right?! […]

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My Johari & Nohari Windows

It’s been a long time since I’ve done any of this crap.. Yeah most people have heard of the Johari window now, a personality mapping scheme. The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of […]

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The Jungle Trekking Tomb Raider Returns

Guess where I’ve been? If you already know, you are disqualified. No I didn’t get a tan. Will post more later, it’s CNY now, so time to get my road tax sorted, pay the bills and clean the appartment.

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