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Loads of things to do tho, have to run out now. Will update properly soon, here’s a quick pic for now 馃槈

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The Wedding – Day 2 – Picking up the Bride & Subang

The morning after the night before…I woke up thinking I was about to die, my breath was toxic enough to melt plastic appliances and my blood felt like it was 90% alchohol of some sort.. It was early…my mouth was dry, my stomach was heaving and my head was pounding. Not a good start to […]

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The Wedding – Day 1 – Ipoh, Food and DRINK!

So this weeked I was one of the Heng Tai for one of my best friends, Terence, who I’ve known in person for about 7 years now. It was a really joyous occasion, to be part of the gang, it’s actually the first wedding of a real friend I’ve been to, not just another acquaintance, […]

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DJ Tiesto – Live at Sepang, Malaysia – Videos

A trio of videos as requested, after the jump. (more…)

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Holiday night out at Thai Club and BEST SUPPER EVAR!

So it was a holiday. So I didn’t get drunk this weekend. So my liver was feeling too healthy. So Paul and I decided WE SHOULD GO OUT. We originally planned to go to Rum Jungle, as I’ve never been there before I wanted to check it out, but the ‘contact‘ there was a fucking […]

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So here we are, New Look for 2006! Happy New Year

New look, new WordPress 2.0, goodbye bBlog, you served me well.. Couldn’t handle the spam any more though sorry. It was progressing pretty well, and I loved the Smarty templates, but well it wasn’t going fast enough and as many hacks as I could put in, it was just too simplistic to get into shape. […]

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Xmas Eve Party – I was Sober..

Yeah wtf is that about, I’ve been hungover every xmas day since I was about 13.. I just really couldn’t bear the thought of drinking anything last night at all. We were greeted of course with some nice xmas decor! The disco lights were in full effect, not much dancing though.. (more…)

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The BEST PPS Second Bday Bash Post and Photos of ALL

Ok so here it is, bloody raw and uncut, I’m home, I’m fed, I’m sweaty and I’m ready to post. This is definately the best PPS Bash post of all 馃槢 It took as long as one of Kenny’s posts, and it was interupted half way through so I could go and watch H2G2 at […]

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PPS Bash – Shortest Post Award

Ok this is it. No really, it was fun, it was packed, met loads of people I wanted to meet.. Jeff Ooi, TV Smith (And his cartoonist, who likes my blog actually), Kenny Sia, Huai Bin (Sixthseal), Mack Zulkifli, Jordan Macvyasia, Andreas (Alwayswow), Jayelle, Reta and loads of others actually, due to lack of food […]

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Zoukfest – The Aftermath

So yesterday along with 8000 other ravers we all headed up to Genting[/url] for Zoukfest[/url], the event of the year with people coming from Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillipines to join our party. We all headed up in separate cars after lunch, God[/url] was first to reach I think along with his friends. Got there […]

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