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Waking up on the right side of bed – I’m a night person..

It’s a pretty rare occasion I wake up before my alarm not feeling like I’m about to die, especially on boring long, drawn out projects like my present one, which tend to suck every drop of willingless to live out of my body and remove any motivation to get my ass off my comfy coconut […]

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Zoukfest – The Aftermath

So yesterday along with 8000 other ravers we all headed up to Genting[/url] for Zoukfest[/url], the event of the year with people coming from Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillipines to join our party. We all headed up in separate cars after lunch, God[/url] was first to reach I think along with his friends. Got there […]

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Porn Star Weekend

Pretty normal weekend, Friday jetted from work to eat some Lala, thankfully it was open this time, most stalls are back after the Chinese new year break, including my laundrette, which seems to have been closed forever, I picked up my clothes but they smell kind of musty…been sitting their too long I guess. Caught […]

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