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An Evening with Dionne Warwick in Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia for Live and Loud 2007

Ok so here we are, the full write-up! When I mentioned Dionne Warwick at the Shangri-La – Kuala Lumpur there wasn’t much response, so sadly I can assume not many Malaysians know WHO Dionne Warwick is? Well read this for a start: Dionne Warwick at Wiki She’s pretty much the second best female vocalist of […]

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Dionne Warwick at the Shangri-La – Kuala Lumpur

For 67 years old she sure does know how to rock the show. She can really work the crowd. I was right at the back corner, so not a great view…and I didn’t take a telephoto so no decent pics of her I’m afraid. Here’s one of me tho! Yes I can look smart…ish. Siti […]

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Royal Selangor Pewter Autumn Season Launch Party

Yah I’m typically late in posting this, due to changing PC and not processing the pictures all…and being a lazy bum etc etc. Any way, a friend of ours invited us to the Autumn season launch party for Royal Selangor Pewter at their visitor center in Setapak. So I thought why not, especially with the […]

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The Smirnoff Two Great Flavours One Launch at The Sanctuary (Curve)

It’s been a fair while since I went out and had a reasonable amount of alchohol, quite some time indeed. I’m sure you remember my blog before my photography escapades was full of clubbing, greasy food, alcohol and hedonistic behaviour…aww perhaps I’m getting old? I was invited for this party by some Smirnoff people, I […]

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Carpark Cross with Kimberlycun and Ie-Tsen

During the weekend one of Kim’s friends was around, and I’d had an idea for a photoshoot in my head for a while..so we headed off to a carpark to take some urban portraiture. I used artificial lighting as the carpark was very dark, mostly an SB-800 with a reflective umbrella and a naked SB-600. […]

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Holiday night out at Thai Club and BEST SUPPER EVAR!

So it was a holiday. So I didn’t get drunk this weekend. So my liver was feeling too healthy. So Paul and I decided WE SHOULD GO OUT. We originally planned to go to Rum Jungle, as I’ve never been there before I wanted to check it out, but the ‘contact‘ there was a fucking […]

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Being Civic Minded and Caring for your Environment and Society

Actually I wanted to post about this topic for quite some time, since I was involved in Project Aware[/url], but I never quite got prompted to do it. Since all this bullshit about handicapped toilets has come about, I think it’s time to address it. I do wish people would care more, people would stand […]

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Recharge 3: R3velation – The Aftermath

So duly off I went to Port Dickon after a call out from TBG[/url] and pleading from FireAngel.. We headed up pretty early around 3pm to avoid the traffic and to get our tickets without having to wrestly for them like at Zoukfest last time[/url]. The traffic was already horrible, and I took a long […]

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Happy 21st Birthday to Kimberlycun!

Well I happen to know she loves that big nose shortass Tom Cruise. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My photoshop skills aren’t up to Galvins[/url] calibre I agree, but well I tried! Suan’s collage is hilarious, check it out HERE[/url].

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Waking up on the right side of bed – I’m a night person..

It’s a pretty rare occasion I wake up before my alarm not feeling like I’m about to die, especially on boring long, drawn out projects like my present one, which tend to suck every drop of willingless to live out of my body and remove any motivation to get my ass off my comfy coconut […]

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