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St. Patrick’s Day 2012 – The Friendliest Day of the Year!

I’ve appreciated St. Patrick’s day for many many years, I first really got to experience it properly when I studied in Liverpool – there’s a large Irish contingent there as it’s a port city. It’s one day of the year where everyone loves everyone else, the English, the Scots, the Irish all get together in […]

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Newcastle Brown Ale In Malaysia!

Newcastle Brown Ale is a solid beer, very popular amongst the student population in UK – it is a drink I am of course familiar with and have sampled on many previous occasions. Sadly it wasn’t available in Malaysia so my last experience of it was a LONG time ago. Newcastle Brown Ale is actually […]

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Arthur’s Day 2010 At Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach & The Man of Vision Contest!

It’s that time of the year again! What time you may ask? Time for Arthur’s Day! KL is blessed as it’s one of the few locations in the world that is chosen to celebrate Arthur’s day, you may remember 2009 Arthur’s day with the Black Eyed Peas – which was frankly phenomenal! Here’s me hanging […]

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To Arthur! Win Tickets To Arthur’s Day Celebration Here!

I’m sure if you watch TV or have been to the cinema recently you will have seen the “To Arthur!” advert somewhere, the upcoming celebration is going to be one of the largest global celebrations ever staged running across multiple countries. To Arthur Guinness! Luckily for us, Malaysia has been chosen as one of the […]

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A Visit To The GAB Tavern & Heineken Star Final

So last month GAB (Guinness Anchor Berhad) invited some bloggers to their tavern for a casual gathering, dinner and plenty of Heineken beer of course. Rain and traffic, just what you need after a day at work. There was quite a gathering of bloggers already in the tavern (located at GAB along Federal Highway), I […]

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