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Moms Trip – Day 5 – Dinner at Sate/Satay Kajang Haji Samuri (PJ Uptown)

Sometimes you just gotta eat Satay, I mean a lot of Satay, like a whole freaking plate of the stuff and nothing else! So there’s little place I know in PJ Uptown that serves some mean Satay, it’s proper Kajang Satay without the pain in the ass of actually going to Kajang! It’s called Sate […]

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Moms Trip – Day 2 – Dinner at De Chiengmai Thai Seafood

Well during the day we went shopping at 1-Utama, so not really any interesting pictures or happenings in the day. During the evening though we headed to a great Thai Seafood Restaurant in Sungei Buloh called De Chiengmai. If you want to go there, go to the end of the LDP just past Bandar Sri […]

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Moms Trip – Day 1 – Lunch at Kanna in Menjalara

Looks like I might have a little time now to document my journeys around KL and Cambodia recently, so here is number 1 of the series, the first day, Lunch at Kanna in Bandar Menjalara, man I LOVE Kanna. I always used to trek down to SS2 to eat there, but this one is closer, […]

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Ikea Swedish Meatballs, Gravad Lax and Soft Toys!

I do enjoy going to Ikea for a little outing, have some food and a wonder around the vast store, perhaps purchasing a candle holder or something on the way.. I do like their furniture but I find it rather over-priced and tend to go there to get ideas rather than buy stuff, then I’ll […]

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15 Styles of Pan Min/Mee (Torn Noodles) is TEH GOOD!

So what do you do when you are hungry.. Me? I go somewhere new to eat, especially if I heard it’s good. Actually originally I headed to the Beef Noodle place KY blogged about, but it was closed.. So I headed to the 15 styles of Pan Min shop. Pan Min is basically hand made […]

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Eating at Jusco – 1 Utama

Sometimes I just like to go to Jusco in 1U and eat, they have a whole variety of stuff there including decent sushi in packed sets, a good bakery, Cinnabon and Auntie Annie’s Pretzels! I think my favourite thing there is some weird Japanese ball things, I’ve totally forgotten their names though…they are great! Watching […]

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Chinese New Year – Post Mortem

Chinese new year is an interesting time, a time for gatherings, eating, catching up, relaxing, drinking, eating, gambling, eating, playing with (banned) fireworks, eating and gossiping (for the aunties). Got a few messages from friends in the UK, ate too much, didn’t drink so much this year, gambled too much, got a record number of […]

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The weekend has passed…

At least it’s a long holiday this week, am going to take tommorow off and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are public holidays for Chinese new year and another festival that falls on the second day of Chinese new year, so carries to Friday. Weekend was fairly normal.. Friday night finished work, went to eat the […]

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Clubbing, Prawns and Pwns.

Well it’s been a good weekend, and it’s not over yet! It’s past 5am and I’m sitting here listening to some old school best of Otis Reading (yeah I got eclectic tastes), chatting complete bollocks to some random stranger on MSN and well writing my blog (duh). You can consider the below Dim Sum post […]

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