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The Best Steamed Fish Head – Jalan Raja Laut – Ong Lai

If you know Jalan Raja Laut, you should know where Mungo Jerrys place is (good bah kuh teh and great pork knuckles). If you know where Mungo Jerrys is, this place is just across the road, down a back street, I forgot to take note of the name. It’s pretty easy to spot though with […]

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The Wedding – Day 2 – Picking up the Bride & Subang

The morning after the night before…I woke up thinking I was about to die, my breath was toxic enough to melt plastic appliances and my blood felt like it was 90% alchohol of some sort.. It was early…my mouth was dry, my stomach was heaving and my head was pounding. Not a good start to […]

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The Wedding – Day 1 – Ipoh, Food and DRINK!

So this weeked I was one of the Heng Tai for one of my best friends, Terence, who I’ve known in person for about 7 years now. It was a really joyous occasion, to be part of the gang, it’s actually the first wedding of a real friend I’ve been to, not just another acquaintance, […]

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The Quest For Siu Loong Pau – Dragon-I @ 1-Utama

After my falling in love with Siu Loong Pau in Penang, I’ve been looking for good ones in KL eversince. This is part one, my first try. Siu Loong Pau in Dragon-I @ 1-Utama. It’s quite a posh looking restaurant, and there’s a little glass cubicle in the front corner where you can see the […]

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What doneness do you want?

The waiter at Chili’s asked me after I ordered my Mushroom Swiss Burger. I was dumbfucked, like huh? What? Wait-ah:“What doneness do you want sir? For your Swiss Burger?” Moi: “Excuse me? I didn’t catch you? Wait-ah:“What doneness do you want?” I paused after this, my brain churning for a while as to what he […]

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Plaza Damas – Paddington House of Pancakes

I think there’s one in the Curve too, but the one I go to is in Plaza Hartamas/Plaza Damas. Open your heart, have some pancakes? WTF? Yeah I know.. It’s a nice light clean looking place with good service and reasonable prices, again not a place you’d have lunch every day unless you are loaded. […]

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Places to Eat in Mon’t Kiara – Marmalade – Best Frittata EVA!

I don’t go to Marmalade too often for lunch as it is kind of expensive, but it’s really worth it if you just got paid or you want to treat yourself, the food is very fresh and delicious. They serve some kind of fusion food with italian, english and mediteranean influences. If you want to […]

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Beef Ball Noodles at Restaurant Mee Ho Kee – Desa Aman Puri

Now and then I feel like eating some good beef ball noodles, and well luckily I know just the place, about 5 minutes from where I live in Desa Aman Puri – Kepong, kinda like B’dr Sri Damansara 1-5 area, just before Taman Ehsan Jaya. They have beef noodles with all the beef bits (brisket, […]

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Eating in SS2 – Restoran Taiwan Noodle House Pork Noodles

One of my favourite foods in the world evar! I used to spend my whole life in SS2 in the cybercafe Horus playing endless hours of DOTA or in one of the nearby eateries, more often than not across the street at Misai having a teh o ais limai and a plate of Indomee Goreng, […]

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Mu Jin Jang Korean BBQ Restaurant – Jalan Ampang

I found another place I took my Mom whilst she was here, the pictures hidden away on my phone (which I haven’t blogged about yet).. Mu Jin Jang, Korean BBQ Restaurant around Jalan Ampang, I know a bloggers Mom owns one of these restaurants but I couldn’t get hold of anyone that knew which one […]

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