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A Trip to Worcester City Center & The Cathedral

You can’t beat starting the day with a nice egg and bacon sandwich with freshly made homestyle wholemeal bread and a dribble of HP Sauce. The weather wasn’t great in the morning so I just hung around at home, had some light lunch and headed into the city. Planning to check out the cathedral and […]

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You can call me ShaolinD70s Now! Yippeeeee New Cam!

Been a bit busy, had a really hectic weekend, was sorting loads of things out today, flying to Manila tommorow, if the hotel has net I’ll try and catch up blogging. Sadly it’s not the Penisular Makati this time, it’s some shithole, maybe it’ll have tincan Internet.. Anyway one of the things I managed to […]

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Canon 350D (Rebel XT) vs Nikon D70s vs Olympus E500

I’ve gotten more and more interested in photography as time has gone by, and I’ve noticed (as have others) I’m pretty good at it, I’ve always had an interest, but with digital it’s allowed me to experiment with my camera and learn at a lower cost. I’ve started finding the limitations of my camera, and […]

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