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Down with the Christmas Tree, up with the Twigs!

It’s Chinese New Year again, that time of the year when we all manicaly clean our houses, condos and appartments, me included. I finished it off yesterday by taking down the Christmas Tree (I wanted to keep it up till my Mom was here!) and putting up my Pussy-Willow branches in a new vase I […]

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Happy Chinese New Year!!oneone1

Gong Hei Fat Choy! I have my road tax now, so I can legally drive, yay! Well my appartment is clean again, yay! Bought some new stuff at Ikea, yay! Going visiting now. Happy New Year.

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The Jungle Trekking Tomb Raider Returns

Guess where I’ve been? If you already know, you are disqualified. No I didn’t get a tan. Will post more later, it’s CNY now, so time to get my road tax sorted, pay the bills and clean the appartment.

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Chinese New Year – Post Mortem

Chinese new year is an interesting time, a time for gatherings, eating, catching up, relaxing, drinking, eating, gambling, eating, playing with (banned) fireworks, eating and gossiping (for the aunties). Got a few messages from friends in the UK, ate too much, didn’t drink so much this year, gambled too much, got a record number of […]

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Kong Hei Fat Choy / Gong Xi Fa Chai

Happy year of the Rooster, let the year of cock be a good one 😀 May it bring you health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. Health makes things possible, wealth makes things work, joy makes thing beautiful. May you have all three as you begin this new year. Am pretty busy eating, sleeping, savouring not working, […]

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