Tamakeri – What the hell is that?!?

Found this in a friends sig on SFDC, thought it was pretty funny so I should share it..

Tamakeri is a recently introduced type of Japanese fetish pornography. Tamakeri means “ball kicking”. A female model kicks a man in the testicles, which sounds and looks quite odd for Western viewers. The “slap’ sound effect that’s raised when a kick lands home is what most of the fans say they like. The main market for tamakeri videos is among masochistic young men for whom the idea of getting their testicles kicked is sexually stimulating, at least in fantasy.


I’ve actually seen a video clip of this and it does make a slapping sound and it does look VERY painful. Some extreme forms involve stilleto heels and standing on the above mentioned nuts…ooohaaahheeeearrghh

Taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tamakeri

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Accidental Video Game Pr0n

Haha this is amazing, check it out:

The Accidental Video Game Porn Archive
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The Asian education mindset..and how it worries me

This topic has come up quite a few times recently..and well it’s an interesting topic for debate. I noticed it first off myself..and discussed it with a few people which confirmed my thoughts and it was again recently re-established.

The mindset is thus:

  • Don’t question
  • Whatever I say is correct (the person in charge – teacher, lecturer or any authority figure)
  • If you don’t understand something don’t ask because you’ll ‘lose face’
  • Don’t EVER think outside of the box
  • Discussion is for noobs

And so on..the crux is this, when people are educated in this region they aren’t taught to think, not in any abstract way, they learn by rote, by memory. This is very unhealthy and doesn’t nuture creativity or innovation..it stifles and leads to a somewhat stagnant talent base. This is demonstrated by the fact most of the ‘great minds’ go overseas somewhere to work rather than here..Here it’s hard to acheive anything, it’s hard to get ‘new’ things accepted. The whole education system leads to the way the market works here, it’s very hard to get in if you aren’t ‘IN’ , once you are in you are the one…once you have the brand identity there becomes only you, there is not so much market competitiveness..

This is because people in general won’t think outside the norm, ok this one is normal to get and best, let’s stick to that and not try the others..

The example that demonstrated this to me was in a recent class I was attending…the lecturer was an Indian teacher, their education system has progressed to include abstract thought and discussion so he taught in a Western way, trying to spark debate and raise questions..so one time he asked a very traditional group of students the answer to a question, they answered then he purposely made his answer different, somewhat incorrect…I voiced my opinion “I think you are incorrect”, he asked me to wait for my explanation and he asked the other students..again voicing his answer as the correct one, they all changed their opinions slowly towards his, nodding their heads and saying they must have been wrong..

A society of sheep?

I don’t see how the knowledge base can grow as it needs to if this mindset keeps being re-inforced in the education system…black is black and white is white no debate.

I first encountered this whole thing when teaching in Singapore…no one asks questions, apart from the one American guy in the class..no one queries, no one dares to say ‘I think [you/that/they] are wrong’

It’s not the way to learn, well I class learning as understanding..not just memorising.

You need to question, you need to debate, you need to be wrong sometimes and accept it..

As my recent tutor said…what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll be wrong, you’ll have made a mistake, big deal..everyone does it, we are all human after all.

If you go to a class, PLEASE ask questions. If not it makes it very difficult for us (the teacher) to conduct an interactive class..

PLEASE question things, don’t be spoonfed all the answer..learn to think for yourselves..think outside the box, take the initiative..

Now these are some sweeping generalisations…but they don’t apply to everyone, those educated overseas usually have absorbed part of a different way of educating..and can debate effectively.

The Asian folks I discussed this with tended to agree, but maybe that’s because I am an authority figure? Who knows…maybe inside they were screaming STFU YOU STUPID AHBENG MATT SALLEH

Some people are just argumentative wherever they were educated and will raise questions..

For the rest of you, don’t be sheep, you’ll never learn anything.

It also may stand that I am completely wrong…but because of the way I was educated…I am ready to accept that 馃槢

How’s that for a first post?

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Finally I did it?

Well I finally got around to something I’ve been meaning to do for like 8 months..

I blame it on work, DOTA and my PC falling to bits 馃檨 It’s a sad time.

Make a blog and photo gallery so I can let the people back in UK know what I’m doing..

Also so I can write down some of the random crap I keep in my head, if no one reads it, that’s fine I’ll just go back in a few years and read it myself.

I can see who I used to be.

It’s a bit ugly right now…as I don’t have PaintshopPro on this PC so I can’t make any funky header graphics.


Btw this is the real first post, anything before this is a back-dated post about something that has happened in the past that I meant to write/post/put photos up about.

P.S. you’ll also notice it looks a lot like Suans blog, because I made it for her originally, and well I made it as how I would like it to look 馃榾

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Download DOTA Classic Maps 3.6d 3.7 3.8 3.9 Rumble AT 2v2 Fight Club

Seen as though some of them are quite hard to find in the midst of TWC I thought I’d make a post with links to downloads for all current versions of the maps:

Classic Versions

DOTA Classic 3.6d
DOTA Classic 3.7
DOTA Classic 3.7b >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.75c >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.76c >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.77 >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.78 >> CHANGES *BROKEN*
DOTA Classic 3.78b >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.82b
DOTA Classic 3.76d *LATEST* – Basically 3.76c fixed for the latest patch.

Inhouse/AT (Arranged Team) Versions

DOTA Classic Inhouse 6 >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.7 AT Edition >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic AT 1.1 Edition >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic AT 2.0 Edition >> CHANGES

Classic version for TFT

DOTA Classic 1.0 Beta 5 for TFT >> INFO *LATEST*
DOTA Classic 3.91 TFT
DOTA Classic 3.95c

New DOTA Classic 4.x

DOTA Classic 4.3b >> INFO
DOTA Classic 4.4a >> INFO

DOTA 4.4 Changelog

Popular Versions in 2011

DOTA DH MM 3.5 (Danite’s Hell with Multimode).

DOTA Renew 4.12e (Latest stable version)
DOTA Renew 4.15 (Latest version)

Other ‘fun’ Versions

The best few:

DOTA Rumble 3.3 *Creeps Added + Anti-Skipping* >> INFO
SUMO DOTA (All heros mid, you can’t leave the river) >> INFO
DOTA Multimode 4.1 BETA 2 *Random Waygate* >> INFO
DOTA Fight Club (FC) 2.5 *1v1* >> INFO
DOTA 2v2 Edition >> INFO
DOTA (Danites Hell) With all Random Skills >> INFO
DOTA (Danites Hell 2 Beta 3) With all Random Skills >> CHANGES

The rest:

DOTA Classic 3.8b *Fluffy Bunny version* >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 3.9c *Fluffy Bunny version* >> CHANGES
DOTA 3.71 TE (Tournament Edition) *Most Balanced* >> Full Changelist
DOTA 3.76 TE (Tournament Edition) *New Chars* >> Full Changelist
DOTA Snipers & Assassins *Just for fun*
DOTA Classic 4.3a >> CHANGES
DOTA Classic 4.4c *Balance changes* >> INFO
DOTA TE 8.3 *NEW HEROES* >> Full Changelist
Eul’s DOTA 1.1 *Update from TE 8.3* >> Full Changelist
DOTA Survival 1.51 *Non-AOS DOTA* >> INFO

If you download a map here, leave me a comment to acknowledge or something kthx.

DOTA is teh pwn ok.

The new forum to hang out now for RoC DoTA is https://dotaforum.com

Currently the most played version is DOTA Classic 3.76c for RoC.

Following this it’d be DOTA Classic 3.78b but the changes are too radical for some people. This the current version with the latest RoC patch (1.22.whatever).

The other 2 which are still popular are DOTA Rumble which is fun too, with just 1 lane down the middle and DOTA (Danites Hell 2 Beta 3) with all Random Skills.

I’ve narrowed down the list just to leave the latest versions.

To play the latest RoC versions you will need Warcraft III 1.17 (or 1.22 to play Battle.net) version which you can get HERE

If you want to know what DOTA is, you can click HERE.

If you want to get Allstars please get it here:


*LAST UPDATED April 19th 2011*

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Real Ultimate Power

This site has been around for years…but well it’s hilarious and recently a friend mentioned it again so I thought I’d post it here.


“Hi, this site is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This site is awesome. My name is Robert and I can’t stop thinking about ninjas. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

[list][*]Ninjas are mammals.
[*]Ninjas fight ALL the time.
[*]The purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.[/list]Ninjas can kill anyone they want! Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time and don’t even think twice about it. These guys are so crazy and awesome that they flip out ALL the time. I heard that there was this ninja who was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon the ninja killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw a ninja totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.

And that’s what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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What is this DOTA you speak of?

DOTA is an acryonym and stands for Defence of the Ancients. It’s a custom made map for the excellent Blizzard Game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

It’s probably the best computer type game I’ve ever had the misfortune to play (it’s so utterly addictive), it’s extremely well polished and well balanced and the depth of skills you can build is very broad.

It’s a team based game with two side, The Scourge (Undead) and The Sentinel (Night Elf), the old cliched ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides.

There are 12 players to pick from on each side and a maximum of 5 may be picked per game (5 per team) so it’s a 10 player game.

I’d never played a RPG kind of game like this before, and I went straight to DOTA without playing WCIII at all.

I was hooked…it’s all about team play, timing and strategy, you don’t need lightning fast reactions like those other Ah Beng[/url] games (COUNTERSTRIKE)..

You buy items, level up your character, earn money and spend it, work together with your team mates and pwn the other team.

To quote the Official DOTA FAQ, what is the point?

To take control of a single hero and destroy the opposing computer-controlled base. As you attempt to destroy the enemy base, other player-controlled heros from the other team will often try to kill you. Each hero has different skill types, and is played a different way.

The heros have 3 main attributes like normal Warcraft, Strength, Agility and Intelligence, they have 1 which is stronger than the others, this is known as the primary attribute so Melee characters would generally be strength, ranged fighters agility and spell casters intelligence.

You can buy items to increase certain stats to build upon their natural strenghts and to improve their weak characteristics.

Each of the 24 characters has different spells, skills and a different play style. Some are seigers (to kill buildings), some are hero killers and some are support heros.

Each hero generally has 4 spells/skills, each time you level up you can choose a new skills, the 4th or ‘ultimate skill’ can only be chosen at level 6 or above.

The map has 3 main lanes, each contain a few towers, then barracks (which produce creeps), then super towers, then the main base (crypt or tree of life) which needs to be destroyed to end the game.

That’s a basic summary…will post some strats and guides at a later date.

The best place for info on this game is The War Center, you can find extensive build guides and strategies here.

If you want to be good, read the FAQ, pick a character, read all the builds and play that character for a while until you are decent, rinse and repeat for each char…

It’s important to know every character so when you are playing with them in your team or against them you know what spells they have, how much manna they cost, the cooldown etc.

After this for strategies watch replays, as many as you can!

I found this excellent guide from one of the ward players to some top strats:

Competitive AT strategies for DOTA !!

Yes I’m a complete addict and have become a DOTA god 馃槢

You can download all the latest DOTA maps on my site[/url]. DOTA Classic that is, not Allstars.

For information and downloads for Allstars go to https://www.dota-allstars.com

P.S DONT PLAY ALLSTARS ITS AN UNBALANCED PIECE OF CHILDISH CRAP Although 6.x series is a lot better now that monkey Guinsoo stopped editing.

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