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Back in Brunei..YAH!

Not.. I just woke up, its 1am, it’s weird… I haven’t eaten since this morning aswell, about 6am at KLIA at Cafe Marche..bum Got here, passed out, supposed to go to class at 2.30pm, they didn’t shop up so I slept more, and more and more.. Zz, just walked out to find a shop, it’s […]

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Back in Brunei, Minishorts and Dawn Yang..zzz

Ok well I’m in Brunei now, which in itself is kind of depressing..I’m not sure how I’ll cheer myself up, I’ll probably do a series of my favourite food in KL or something, or blog about some of the other things I’ve cooked lately. If you have any requests of what you’d like me to […]

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Brunei…OMG Another 4 weeks..

More pertinent to the title…another 4 .. Ok I just finished my first weekend here…let me rephrase that..I just my first weekend here. That’s what it felt like anyone, I was left feeling like my sanity was only hanging on by an almost translucently fine thread.. If I have to spent another weekend in that […]

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Brunei….Part II

Ok well it’s not so bad here.. Had lunch at the only shopping mall in Brunei…it seems ok, food was lousy though, seems like a recurring theme here…they seem obsessed with Salt, everything is damn salty At least they have a cinema there and some pirated DVD’s so I can get something to watch whilst […]

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Organizing, Organizing – The Travel Section!

So I realized I haven’t really written about any of my travels since 2009/2010 properly, since I wrote about Sabah in 2008 and one real post since then which was about Pom Pom Island. I have travelled a fair bit since 2010, so I have a lot of posts pending, and a lot of posts […]

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Random Post #12 – Japanese Food, #emocharlie & Black Pepper Chicken McDeluxe

So what’s been going on with me lately? Nothing much to be honest – not much mood to write anything on my blog. Not sure why, probably too many other things going on and too much on my mind. House reno is going to be finishing soon (hopefully), endless lists of things to buy, things […]

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Random Post #8 – Kepong Village Mall, Durians & A Dog

Yay another random post for your enjoyment to fill up my 3 posts per week quota, been doing well lately so I can’t let it slip! Maybe I’ve gotten my blogging mojo back..or not?! Who knows, anyway I enjoy these Random old-style blog posts and I hope you do to. It’s a welcome break for […]

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5 Years in Malaysia – Come and Gone

As of February 11th 2009 I’ve been living in Malaysia for 5 years, that’s quite some time. Although due to my accent people tend to think I’ve been here much longer. Yes I never had a Hugh Grant accent in the first place, actually only a minority of English people actually have what we call […]

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i mean THE SNAKES! – IMTS – Good Hipster/Indie Music

You might remember I was stationed in Brunei quite a few times and for an extended period, I did make some friends there and one of them had a band on and off. Indie new wave punk electro taking references from bands such as Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Bloc Party, White Rose Movement, The Knife […]

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You know you travel too much…

When your appt starts looking like this all the time, these 3 pictures were taken on 3 different occasions (July October and November). Yeah guess which was taken with SLR..obviously not the one with an SLR in the frame eh? Smart.. Thankfully I don’t have to travel like that any more…so things are much tidier […]

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