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Fish and Chips by the River..

I wanted Fish and Chips, of course being a British staple food.. So we were pondering which chippy to get the meal from, the quality tends to fluctuate, we chose one near the middle of the city which has always been good.. So I suggested, seen as though it had stopped raining for a while […]

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I Love Gammon Steak!

We headed up to Birmingham again the following day to take my nan out for lunch, she’s older than God’s dog, yeah she looks something like Yoda! “Shaolin my grandson, that he is, strong be the force in this blogger”. She was born in 1911, work that out.. We headed to another pub, near my […]

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Pubs, Pool and Pub Lunches

In UK there are a few things in every area, every few streets there is: 1) A Pub 2) A Fish and Chip Shop 3) A Convience Store In most areas, the older ones there’s usually a flower shop, a grocers and a butcher too (an often a hairdresser). So the next day we headed […]

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Mom’s Bday Dinner – Strawberries and Cream

So after some hardcore shopping we were pretty hungry, we headed home and sparked up some snacks and Gin and Tonic (How English I know..) After that mom started up the cooking machine again, whipping up another one of my favourites! Chicken escalopes with potatoe wedges! We used turkey this time though, take a couple […]

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Happy Birthday Mom!- Cider and Cheese..

The topic reminds me of one of my old housemates from my Uni days, nutter from Wales by the name of Taffy. The first time I walked into the flat he was there, he introduced himself as such: He proceeded to open the fridge and show me…it contained only cider and cheese, anyway that’s going […]

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Shopping and Lamb Chops

So after the fantastic English Breakfast to start out my day, hung around for a while and headed into town for a couple of hours, managed to pick up a pair of casual shoes, a couple of pairs of work trousers and a pair of jeans from next. I mainly planned to buy work shoes […]

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English Breakfast – JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

So after sleeping like a zombie for 14 hours I crawled out of bed and took a shower.. Take a shower is quite an experience here, like in Malaysia you take a shower to cool down, when you take a shower here, the temperature is about 15 degrees so as soon as you step out […]

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The Arrival..and the STEAK!

So after the gruelling journey and the drawn out stop-over in Amsterdam (which turned into an impromtu blogging session[/url]), I finally arrived safely back in fair old England. I was greeted of course, in style with typical beautiful British weather….GREY SKIES AND DRIZZLE.. For the past 5 weeks they’ve been having 30 degree temperatures and […]

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Hmm…Call me globe hopping Sultan hand shaker?

Oh well I have a fair amount of stuff to ramble on about.. So I better get started.. Today was another normal day in Brunei for the most part, I had to get up in the middle of the night (7am) and go to class.. My student picked me up in a new car…Mitsubishi Airtrek […]

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