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Penang Asam Laksa and Satay Cina (Pork)

There is another massive foodcourt on the way out of town towards Batu Feringgi where a lot of locals go, on a busy evening it’s *very* hard to find parking. It’s just a whole bunch of stalls with seating provided by the stalls selling drinks, there are multiple stalls selling Laksa, Rojak and all the […]

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Famous Char Kway Teow, Ais Kacang and Popiah

So mostly I went to Penang to eat all the wicked stuff there, as you’ve probably noticed and I drove there this time so I was free to roam around, I chose not to get a local to show me around as I know quite a few places myself and I have more fun using […]

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My Trip to Penang – Char Kway Teow & Hokkien Mee

So a while before I came to Brunei, I took a small trip to Penang, to get out of the city, away from the traffic and see a bit of nice scenery (and eat loads of nice food of course). So I drove down, the traffic wasn’t too bad, and arrived during fairly nice weather. […]

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Redang – Sun, Sea and Project AWARE!

Yeah, so finally the Redang trip came…sadly now it’s gone 🙁 Ah well, it was a great break and we did some nature loving activities too in the name of Project Aware[/url]. We left home at some ungodly hour (5am) in a couple of taxis heading to KLIA, where we had a McD style Big […]

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Tioman, Salang Indah – First Dive of the Season

As I mentioned in my last post, my friends were heading to Tioman[/url] on Friday night after work, so I tagged along.. I dutifully went to work on Friday, finished a bit early to beat the jam, came home and prepared my stuff.. Knocked out a couple of games of DOTA, then headed off to […]

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Drunk, drunk and happy?!?

OMG…I sniffed a beer and got dizzy.. No really I’m actually drunk and I feel good, I’m in a great mood..partially because of unleashing my fury in that weird post last night (), partially because I’m drunk for the first time in almost a month () and partially because of some other things.. WOW, what […]

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