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Is there such a thing as universal morality?

This is VERY interesting topic which was raised in one of my posts recently[/url] by a very good commenter ‘Tom’, which I skirted over briefly, it’s actually a very deep and intense topic. IS there really such a thing as universal morality? Are there certain ‘things’ that are morally right and wrong across all cultures/societies/races […]

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My Car Was Vandalised Today.

Yes indeed it was. I was confronted with this, this afternoon when I went to my car to fetch something I’d left inside…Not a nice sight for a Sunday afternoon right? At first I thought this was a case of bad parking, my neighbour perhaps going back to home town early in the morning, made […]

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Being Civic Minded and Caring for your Environment and Society

Actually I wanted to post about this topic for quite some time, since I was involved in Project Aware[/url], but I never quite got prompted to do it. Since all this bullshit about handicapped toilets has come about, I think it’s time to address it. I do wish people would care more, people would stand […]

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TMnet Customer Service and Quality of Connection

Well it’s not always good to talk about the bad things, so let’s talk about the good things for once (and some bad thing too of course, TMnut is far from perfect). I have a problem with their customer service model for a start, there seems to be no escalation procedure, for my part that’s […]

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Woman’s head found in bag by Orchard Road MRT Station

Honestly I haven’t seen anyone right about this, and I found it pretty scary, so I thought I’d give it a mention. Source: Pretty crazy eh? And the second within 3 months? There’s some crazy dudes roaming around Singapore, that’s for shizzle. Someone on mentioned this to me actually, he said he had nightmares […]

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The Power of Words and the Freedom of Speech

It is easy to sit with the glow of our monitors lighting up our gleeful faces as we hurl insults across continents over the relatively anonymous medium of the Internet, but there are real people on the other side of the keyboard, I learnt that long ago. I gave up fighting on the net because […]

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Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger Round 3 – In Reply to the Comments

Well I said I’d address the comments, there was an overwhelming repsonse..looks like I’ve ‘won’ anyway. I’ve taken down her cum shot picture, give her a little dignity, seen as though she mailed me and asked me to. She is a girl after all, even if she is a dumb, stuck-up, pretentious bitch. From all […]

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Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger – ROUND 2

Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger Round 3 – In Reply to the Comments Or is that Malaysia vs Singapore? Or is that Singapore vs UK? Well it looks like the show is on, do I get in the Guiness Book of Records for the most (dumb) comments on a single post? I got Xia Xued…I woke […]

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Blogging is not a crime – Comment liability.

Are you liable for the comments other people post on your blog? That’s the question at hand.. The issue has come up previously in regards to Internet Forums (Bulletin Boards) and Newsgroups (including those stored on-line like Dejanews – now Google Groups). Someone is being sued for the comments made on his blog.. Full story […]

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KL Doesn’t Suck – Dumb Tourists Suck – Merdeka!

Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger – Round 2 Xia Xue vs ShaolinTiger Round 3 – In Reply to the Comments Today children we will be discussing dumb tourists, judgemental idiots, ignorant buffoons and whinging bitches. Sounds like a whole bucket of fun eh? Happy 48th Birthday Malaysia, we love you, even if some photoshopped ugly ho’s […]

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