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Fred Durst Sex Video & Paris Hilton Phone Hack

Now this is already passe, but seen as though I just saw a new story about Fred Durst[/url], I thought I’d write something about it.. You’d better be careful what pictures you take with your cellphone and you’d better be careful what videos you keep on your PC (if they involve yourself). Recently Fred Durst […]

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Why didn’t they run? Why didn’t anyone run? Source: The final pictures from the camera Kind of morbid really. Makes you wonder.. Shows you how tough memory cards are though, reminds me of a study they did, memory cards can take a ridiculous amount of punshiment and still keep the data intact. Shame Digital Cameras […]

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Numa Numa Iei! – Dragostea Din Tei

I guess most of you have seen this by now, but seen as though I just fixed my soundcard I’ve been listening to the song for about half an hour on repeat so I thought I’d post about it. It’s a Romanian song that took europe by storm last year. It’s called DRAGOSTEA DIN TEI […]

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What is a good blog? & BlogExplosion – Stingy Asses!

Thank you to the 9 people who voted for my site, fuck you to the other 1035 that didn’t. Here’s a message from another blogger to you non-voters.[/url] How long does it take to vote? I’ve recieved 10 blogmarks, which is nice! Even bigger thanks to you geniuses who blogmarked me hanks all, hope […]

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General Midweek Geekery – Malaysia Ebay and more

So what’s up in the tech world? One big thing I only just found out yesterday…is Ebay[/url] has finally reached Malaysia! Wow![/url] I used to use Ebay quite a lot back in the UK, you can get some cheap second hand computer parts, things that are no longer produced or in circulation (useful when […]

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Chat with Google, interesting facts about Google

On another search engine related note, with , one of the top players in and product manager for Google[/url]. Nice highlights from include.. The prime reason the Google home page is so bare is due to the fact that the founders didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface. Infact it was noted that […]

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Blogging Tools

I’ve updated the site bar a bit and added all the blogging tools and sites I find useful. I discovered a new one yesterday, , it’s basically a rip-off of . You should as it’s new you’ll get a good downline and basically earn credits from other people surfing. So what have I found useful. […]

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BlogExplosion – The Lowdown

? What the hell is that you ask…well it’s a way to generate meaningless guaranteed pseudo-traffic for your blog, by reading other peoples blogs. You can sign up at , click lots of blogs and earn me more credits so random people get to see my random crapola, yay! Pimped from BE: 1. You will […]

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Torrent Sites Under Attack by MPAA

The infamous Torrent site[/url] went down yesterday along with[/url] seemingly under who have vowed to go after the Torrent sites[/url]. TheRegister reported on the story HERE[/url] and Slashdot . MPAA of course being the Motion Picture Association,[/url][/url] The client I use is BitTornado which you can get here,[/url] Torrents are […]

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OMFG Hacking for JESUS?!? Hacker vs Cracker? Script Kiddiots and more..

A few Malaysia sites got 0wned hard this morning…by some group who’s ultra cheese tagline is ‘Hacking for Jesus’ Brother please… The site in question is[/url] if you visit around the time I posted this you’ll still see the real thing.. If not screenshot: A lot of .my sites got whacked apparently by these […]

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