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Pulp Fiction – The Coolest Movie Ever?

Anyway after watching The Usual Suspects[/url], I was prompted to watch some other old favourites, Pulp Fiction[/url] being the next in line. This is a classic movie, cult status, pretty much everyone has seen it, those who haven’t wish they had seen it. It stands at a mighty number 11 in the . It’s one […]

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The Usual Suspects

Now I was shocked to find, some of you youngsters have not watched this film…not heard of it! To me that’s a travesty…your great films of the 90’s were Titanic and The Beach, I mean it’s not even old, it’s from 1995. It’s ranked as number 19 of the . If you haven’t seen at […]

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Madagascar & The Intepreter

So I finally got around to seeing Madagascar[/url], I’ve been meaning to watch it since it came out, actually since I saw the trailer at the cinema some time ago (I haven’t been for a while). I also wanted to watch Kingdom of Heaven, but it’s gone off suprisingly quickly, the only place left showing […]

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The Butterfly Effect

“” Touted as one of the best movies of 2004, something different for a change, not a sequel, not a remake, an actual original idea. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a long time, since I first heard about it. I finally got around to watching it tonight, I grabbed it along with a […]

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Office Space – Life in a Cubicle..

Summary from Office Space at IMDB[/url] I’m guessing the geeks amongst you will have seen this movie, it’s probably the seminal geek flick along with other favourites from Kevin Smith[/url] (Mallrats[/url], Clerks[/url] etc.), those techie films like Hackers[/url], Wargames[/url], Sneakers[/url] and Swordfish[/url] and those other wierd movies like Pi[/url] and Donnie Darko[/url]. It really epitomises […]

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Zoukfest – The Aftermath

So yesterday along with 8000 other ravers we all headed up to Genting[/url] for Zoukfest[/url], the event of the year with people coming from Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillipines to join our party. We all headed up in separate cars after lunch, God[/url] was first to reach I think along with his friends. Got there […]

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National Treasure

After buying some DVD’s in Sungei Wang, I thought it was about time I watched one of them, most were old favourites I’ve watched before and wish to watch again (Scarface, Sleepers etc) but a couple were new ones, so I settled down with National Treasure[/url]. I’ve heard from the handful of people that have […]

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Constantine – Give Satan the Finger

Yes this awesome pic is an original artwork by me, no really it sucks, I just stuck the text from the movie website[/url] onto a screen grab from the movie. I just watched Constantine[/url], you could say I went to the cinema , I hadn’t heard of the movie or seen a trailer, had no […]

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Roasted Shaolin..

I am boiling, literally it’s like a sauna in here.. It’s a public holiday in Selangor, but my company follows KL holidays so here I am in an office block that is virtually empty, the food court is closed and the management decided not switching on the aircon would be a smart thing to do.. […]

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The Aviator & Leonardo DiCaprio

Well I went to check out this movie last night, it’s been fairly well hyped and apparently Leonardo put his heart and soul[/url] into the part and really did the whole method acting thing. I discovered Mr. DiCaprio could really act well in the olden days of and . He can play harrowing roles very […]

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