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Happy Valentines Day..Or not..

What’s it all about anyway, can’t we show appreciation for our lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives every day of the year? A have[/url] expressed their thoughts on this matter, really it’s just commercial bullshit isn’t it. Much like Christmas has become a time for showing who can buy the most expensive and flashy presents, this is not the point…I […]

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The Corporate Cockshaft – Why we work..

Indeed, thank fuck it’s Friday. The weekend dawns again, another week of bending over and taking the corporate cock shaft is over. 2 more days and the inevitable cycle will begin again. We ask ourselves during those periods of reflection, why do we do it? The answer is simple, to earn money, to eat, to […]

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I hate Mondays more than ever..

Well today was a very special Monday, more special than most..most people have a disdain for Monday’s, myself included but today topped it. I woke up for work as normal..but I had a horrible Migraine so I decided to call in sick and take some rest at home..I slept until pretty late and dragged myself […]

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The Evolution of Language, or is that Devolution?

Following the recent debates in the Summons post[/url] (Woo 59 comments), I was thinking about language and semantics, there are always debates about what is a word or not, the correct usage and so on. This is due to the fact even language itself it’s partially subjective. There is room for adding your own personality […]

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2004 – What happened and what we learnt

Well it’s been a long and winding year for me and the Earth in general. This in turn will be a long and winding post. Here’s my personal year in summary.. Normal freezing cold winter month in the UK, a little different from normal though as I was quitting my job, selling my posessions, my […]

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The Asian Concept of ‘Face’

Face, giving face, saving face, showing face, losing face.. These are foreign terms to many people, bring confusion to some and blank looks from others. It’s something that is at least partially ingrained into Asian culture, most noticably amongst the Japanese but also strongly with Chinese too. Let’s start with a quote (my usual style). […]

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Natural Disaster Sweeps Across Asia

It’s a sobering thought amongst all the jovailty and celibrations that disaster can strike at any minute. Yesterday more than 14,000 people lost their lives (). It’s a sad time. My condolences go out to all the families and people that lost loved and cherished ones. Thanks to all those that enquired, I am fine […]

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Face thy devil or he getteth stronger..

Being here has given me a lot of time for contemplating my life and self discovery, in a way I’ve worked out it’s actually a good thing, kind of a revelation I guess. The problem is when you are ‘home’ or in a familiar place, when you feel down, depressed or a little lacking in […]

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Life…pain….hurt….teeth and gems.

Ok…well I haven’t really written anything serious on this blog yet, I mean there are 2-3 posts I think so far in very general terms..this one will be a lot more personal and probably a lot more disjointed. Be warned, it’s likely to be . You’ll have to bear with me I’m afraid..I’d also guess […]

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Fate, Destiny and Bullshit

Ok I think this one is going to be a bit deep, so be pre-warned. When I write about this kind of stuff I tend to ramble on a bit, thus the section is denoted as …perhaps plain old Bullshit would be more apt. These thoughts are things I’ve dissected many times and I quite […]

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