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Rain Rain Go Away, Come Back Another Day..

Looks like Monsoon season has started already, perhaps a little early this year. It’s rained torentially 4 times in the last 30 hours or so, super heavy rain man, it’s just started again. So nice to sleep. Not much good for doing anything else though. Been kinda depressed lately, or ill, or both? Not really […]

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The Influence of Television – The Devolution of the Mind

Now I’ve never been a great fan of the idiot box, perhaps due to my parents, I don’t recall us ever having a TV until I was about 9 years old, then it was mostly monopolised by my fathers fanatic love of gambling, thus it was horse racing, cricket, rugby, football, motor racing, golf, tennis […]

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Road Rage Incidents in KL & My Experience

They are on the rise..there have been a few fatalities too..people stabbed to death, beaten into a coma and so on. There are adverts on the radio too about ending up in prison because of road rage, must be getting serious. Even our own kena before.. I have a bit of rage now and then, […]

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Emotions..Depression, Anger?

Emotions are strange things are they not? Do you ever get down for no reason? Well no conceivable reason, nothing you can put your finger on…nothing out of the ordinary, nothing negative or bad happening.. Does it feel like the reaper is following you around? Everything is ideal as can be, but yet you are […]

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The case of Terri Schiavo – The right to live?

The case of this women sparked one of the most intense legal, political, moral and ethical debates of the decade. Who should decide if someone has the right to live or die? Who really knows what’s going on inside a persons head? Are they in a vegatative state? Or are they perfectly aware of everything […]

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The Summons Fiasco : Part II

Well I of course have gotten more summons… The first debacle, brought on by Ops Warta is written and discussed (in depth) HERE[/url]. So I went to pay them seen as though I was around in the day-time due my car being in the workshop (they finally called me to tell me I could take […]

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Fred Durst Sex Video & Paris Hilton Phone Hack

Now this is already passe, but seen as though I just saw a new story about Fred Durst[/url], I thought I’d write something about it.. You’d better be careful what pictures you take with your cellphone and you’d better be careful what videos you keep on your PC (if they involve yourself). Recently Fred Durst […]

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Why didn’t they run? Why didn’t anyone run? Source: The final pictures from the camera Kind of morbid really. Makes you wonder.. Shows you how tough memory cards are though, reminds me of a study they did, memory cards can take a ridiculous amount of punshiment and still keep the data intact. Shame Digital Cameras […]

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Insomnia, huh?

Sometimes I can’t sleep, last night was one of those nights, it was humid, I wasn’t sleepy, I was lying in bed surrounded by nothing but silence, bar the whirring of the fan overhead, contemplating the meaning of life. What is happening, what is it all about, why are we here, what is my purpose, […]

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Morbity & The Frailty of Humanity

It’s been a strange week to say it’s the holiday season what with Valentine’s day[/url] and all. As with any time of the year the papers of full of obituaries…but there seem to be even more than usual.. There were multiple bombings on … During any festive season there are more car accidents than any […]

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