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GEMFIVE – THE New Online Shopping Destination For Malaysia

GEMFIVE is the latest online shopping destination for Malaysia, with a curated collection of good finds, tips, tools and daily inspirations. It has a great range of partner brands including popular ones like Disney, Crocs, Fred Perry, Sandisk, Tupperware, Philips, Samsonite and many, many more. Currently GEMFIVE has over 20,000 items from over 300 brands. […]

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Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip – Quiet And Comfortable!

So I like cars, and I like tyres – I’m somewhat of a tyre geek haha. I wrote a whole post about choosing my first tyres for my Airtrek previously here: Project Airtrek – Choose Tyres For Your Car – Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo – which happened to be Goodyear Eagle series too haha. And way, […]

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Maxis OnePlus One In Malaysia – Review

Introduction So the most hyped phone of 2014 was probably this one, the OnePlus One – a relative newcomer to the phone scene it dropped a high quality, high spec phone for only $299USD (16GB version). AND you could only buy it with an ‘invite’ so that just increased the desire and demand. It’s a […]

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CNY Spring Cleaning & Having a Tumble Dryer

So Chinese New Year has just passed, a pretty chilled time of year. Visiting, plenty of eating and drinking, lots of hanging out..but just before CNY the hard work happens – Spring Cleaning (not my favourite part of the year haha). And it’s a rather weird CNY, as usually it’s SUPER hot and bone dry, […]

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100PLUS Outrunner Race Against The Machines in Putrajaya

So this past weekend I headed out to Putrajaya to check out the 100PLUS Outrunner Race Against The Machines event happening out there in the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. It was pretty hectic out there as 10,000 participants signed up for the three Outrunner races in a short span of two weeks – 7,000 […]

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LG Washing Machine LG WD-CD1307VM Review

Introduction – LG WD-CD1307VM Review Somehow, we managed to live for 10 years without actually owning a washing machine – yes..TEN YEARS. In the previous apartment, and in this house for the past 4 years – we even have a spot in the back yard with a plug point, drain and tap. I guess it […]

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Learn Stock Trading – It Can Be Fun!

I’ve always had a certain interest in stock trading and finance and always wanted to learn stock trading, learn more about how it works, how to benefit it from it etc. But most of the resources about it are dry, tedious and cover fascinating topics like technical analysis. I have some investments in the stock […]

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My 6 Tips For Fuel Effeciency & Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014

Fuel economy is super important and is one of the reasons I recently changed to a new car as old cars tend to get less and less efficient as they get more age. There are various things you can to increase your fuel economy which fall into 4 main categories: Drive more efficiently (Drive smoothly, […]

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Please Service Your Car Before You Balik Kampung! Carama by Castrol

I really love cars, I have a whole category for Cars/Motorsport and a hashtag for my Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo – which I pride myself on taking extremely good care of. It’s important to maintain your car well for multiple reasons, the main and MOST important one being safety. Safety for you, your passengers and family […]

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I Love Volvo & Perspectives of Progress

Volvo is a brand that’s always been synonymous with safety and class. Volvo Trucks is a global truck manufacturer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo. It is the world’s second largest heavy-duty truck brand What was surprising to me, was that Volvo Trucks actually jumped into public perception recently with a series of […]

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