GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan & DéWise Wisdomantic Massage Chair

GINTELL is known as a leading brand in massage chairs with Simon Yam as their ambassador they have a good reputation, with that though comes the price which scares a lot of people away from even considering the investment.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

So what GINTELL has come out with is a much more affordable way to have a luxury item in your own home that provides you with relaxation and some health benefits.

The GINTELL Hi5 Rental Plan requires no credit card like regular instalment plans and aims to allow anyone to bring home a top quality GINTELL massage chair.

Why buy when you can rent?

The 5 main highlights for the Rental Plan are:

  • Guaranteed Service – 3 Year Warranty
  • Guaranteed Maintenance – Free maintenance throughout the contract
  • Guaranteed Renewal – All risk insurance coverage including flood, fire etc
  • Guaranteed Upgrade – Flexible upgrade plan
  • Guaranteed Value for Health – Muscle relaxation, posture aid, improves circulation etc

Gintell Hi5 Rental Plan

The chairs are great too, I tried out the DéWise Wisdomantic Massage Chair which has a ‘Simon’ program designed around Simon Yams’ favourite settings.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

It comes with this great 2-layer remote control and is extremely customisable including positioning, pressure, massage type and so on.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

The massage is really good and especially important for those of us who use the computer all day as a chair like the DéWise Wisdomantic can actually help correct postural issues. With everyone looking down at their smartphones all day, this becomes even more important.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

It’s really relaxing, apart from the when the 3D Acupressure Rollers are giving you a pounding, the chair senses your body position and actually works on the acupuncture points to release tension in your shoulders and back and it really works.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

There are a whole variety of programs including a Thai Stretch, some gentler programs and a specialised Chiropractic program. It goes really quite flat too which makes it very comfortable. It also works your hips and spine alignment which is nice especially with the heating pads on.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

Liam wanted to have a go too but unfortunately, he’s a bit too young as it’s quite a powerful massage so the youngest recommended age for this type of chair is 15-16 years old.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

It has some nifty techie features too like built-in Bluetooth and speakers + you can opt not to use the remote and use a smartphone app to control the chair instead and play your music through the speakers.

There’s also a massage program which will massage you in time with whatever music you are playing through the chair – that’s really cool!

The speaker area also has a negative ioniser built in to combat all the positive ions that our gadgets and electrical devices emit in our homes.

Gintell GT9008 DéWise Wisdomatic Massage Chair

For the Hi5 Rental Plan, the cheapest rental is the GINTELL DéVano S GT9001 FUNtastic Sofa you can see Liam enjoying here which starts at RM88 per month.

Gintell GT9001 DéVano S FUNtastic Sofa

If you sign up now there will exclusive free gifts (limited amount available, so hurry!).

Head to GINTELL website to find out more

Or visit one of their outlets, the 1-Utama outlet is super convenient for us as it’s right opposite Isetan which homes all our favourite restaurants.




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