1.4 TSI Volkswagen Tiguan Review in Malaysia


This is my Volkswagen Tiguan Review for the all new 1.4 TSI model released earlier this year, April 2017. I had the car for about 5 days and I did notice it when it was launched as it’s a lot of car for the price so I was happy to get to take it for a spin and explore it in a little more depth.

1.4 TSI Volkswagen Tiguan Review in Malaysia

Obviously, I didn’t have the car for a year or more, so I can’t talk about service intervals or reliability, but I will cover whatever can be observed by driving the car full-time for 5 days including a trip up to Genting on the windy Karak highway.

It’s locally assembled in Pekan, hence the attractive pricing.


It’s a 4-cylinder 1.4 Litre TSI engine with a DSG 6-speed wet-clutch gearbox with pretty good fuel consumption (8.6L/100 for Urban and 6.7L/100 for combined).

The Comfortline model retails at RM149,578 and the Highline model for RM169,578 – both prices are on the road excluding insurance.

The Comfortline has an 8″ touchscreen display radio, halogen lights, manual seats etc.

The Highline package has the addition of the Active Info Display (AID), which is the rather nifty digital instrument cluster. It also has LED headlights and running lights, 3-zone temperature control, cruise control, keyless access, park assist, rear view camera, power assisted boot and an electric driver’s seat.

Volkswagen Tiguan AID - Active Info Display

Having the map in the instrument cluster is great, a lot less distracting than having it in the middle.

Safety and function wise they are identical other than that.


It’s a good looking car with a nice finish, high vantage point and smooth lines.

1.4 TSI Volkswagen Tiguan Review in Malaysia

Nice side profile.

1.4 TSI Volkswagen Tiguan Review in Malaysia

Nothing to complain about at the rear either.

1.4 TSI Volkswagen Tiguan Review in Malaysia


The interior was surprisingly spacious to me, even though it looks like quite a large car, it feels even bigger inside and has a lovely elevated driving position.

VW Tiguan Interior

It’s well specced with dual-zone climate control in the front and a separately adjustable panel for rear passengers.

VW Tiguan Interior

The large bright 8″ stereo screen was easy to use and fairly intuitive, I managed to pair my OnePlus 3 easily and play music through Spotify without any hassles.

VW Tiguan Interior

The sound quality was great.


It was pretty nippy for a small car with 0-100km/h coming in a very respectable 8.7 seconds, for a small engine and a fairly large car it feels very responsive. The power comes low down in the RPM range.The bonnet also feels very short which makes it very manoeuvrable and the turning circle is very small.

VW Tiguan Steering Wheel

There’s paddle shifters for when it’s in Sports mode and the gearbox is both very smooth and very responsive, it doesn’t engine brake too well but that’s probably due to the size of the engine.

I would also say if you’re prone to be overtaking at 140km/h (on a private road obviously) you aren’t going to find much acceleration here.

Other than that, the car is smooth, stable, corners well, accelerates well (at legal speeds) and is overall a pleasure to drive.


Safety wise this car gets top marks, it’s seriously kitted out in terms of safety and in my books, that’s more important than creature comforts.

It has:

  • ISOFIX points for all rear seats
  • Top tether anchor for all rear seats
  • Curtain airbags front and back
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Dual front airbags with passenger airbag deactivation available
  • Dual front side airbags
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • 3-point rear seat belts for all seats
  • Hill-hold

As a very safety oriented parent, the ISOFIX points are a big plus for me, especially with this design that actually puts them on the outside so you can easily see them rather than most cars with have them tucked deep inside the upholstery.


ISOFIX points make fitting a child-seat tightly and securely much easier than using a seatbelt, the car also has a top tether anchor for all 3 rear seats meaning when your child-seat is front facing you can strap it to the back of the seat to stop it rocking forwards in the case of an impact.

VW Tiguan with Carseat

I was able to fit Liam’s car-seat in the front facing position extremely securely.


Overall I think it’s a great car, especially the kit you get in the Highline model for less than RM170,000 – that’s a whole lot of car for the price. Of course, it’s not perfect and there are pros and cons, but I’d say it’s very definitely heavy on the pros side – a very family friendly, comfortable car.

1.4 TSI Volkswagen Tiguan Review in Malaysia


  • High spec
  • The Active Info Display is great
  • Responsive
  • Good handling
  • Premium feeling interior
  • Good fuel economy (if you don’t have a lead foot)
  • Spacious
  • Well equipped
  • Safety equipment is virtually unbeatable
  • Road tax is cheap too at only RM70 as it’s a large car with a relatively small engine.
  • 5 Years manufacturers warranty & 5 Years roadside assistance


  • Can be a little raspy at high speed
  • Passenger seat is manual not electric

Not much in terms of downsides really, and there have to be some trade-offs to keep the price down.

That’s all, thanks for reading. Find out more on www.volkswagen.com.my and watch out for an extended video review on my VLOG sometime in the future.




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