Malaysian Theme Parks – An Interactive Guide

There are quite a number of Malaysian Theme Parks, many of which people aren’t really aware of – Expedia has come out with a great Interactive Malaysian Theme Parks Guide which allows you to explore the various options available.

Malaysian Theme Parks - An Interactive Guide

It allows you to filter the list in various ways by location, price or the activities available. Most of the Malaysian Theme Parks are in KL/Selangor area or Johor.

If you click on “Find out more” on any of the parks there’s quite detailed information including opening hours, some reviews, a description, the admission fee and food and accommodation available.

Legoland Malaysia

It also includes a map with the directions to get there from your current location + driving time and the full address.

Legoland Malaysia Directions

We actually really love theme parks so this is a great way to keep track of them, we actually went to Legoland way back in 2005 just after it opened and had a fun day out! Really great place to take your kids (please ignore what I’m wearing, OMAIGARD what was I thinking).

Badly dressed man at Legoland Malaysia

So it’s great to have a place to keep track of what’s available, where it is and how much it costs. I recently went to Fuji-Q in Japan and that was amazing so I’m definitely looking forwards to more theme parks, especially when 20th Century Fox World opens in Genting.

Fujiyama - King of Coasters

Do check out the guide, it might give you some ideas for your next family trip:

Malaysian Theme Parks Guide




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