CNY Spring Cleaning & Having a Tumble Dryer

So Chinese New Year has just passed, a pretty chilled time of year. Visiting, plenty of eating and drinking, lots of hanging out..but just before CNY the hard work happens – Spring Cleaning (not my favourite part of the year haha).

And it’s a rather weird CNY, as usually it’s SUPER hot and bone dry, but this year it was pouring down – especially on CNY it was raining buckets! How to wash clothes and stuff like that, had to wash Liam’s new CNY duds, sheets, curtains etc.

The rain was epic, and even during and after Chinese New Year it just doesn’t seem to stop. I thought it was supposed to be the dry season now? Haha.

CNY Rain

It was getting really hard to dry our clothes, let alone do a spring clean! Liam’s clothes and blankets and stuff kept getting wet again! Even though we have a roof to cover the drying laundry, it was that torrential sometimes the rain went sideways..

CNY Rain

So we had to keep washing his stuff again! You may or may not remember the Washing Machine Review (LG WD-CD1307VM) I posted up back in December, but fortunately for us – this model has a tumble dryer too.

A great example is, our guest room sheets..we only have 1 set haha as it’s not used that often – and we like to buy new sheets.

Guest Room Sheets

So when my Mom came and we realised we had to wash the sheets..on the day she was arriving..having a tumble dryer is a godsend. Same for the CNY weather, it can be washed, dried and back on the bed within a few hours – too cool!

Off the bed they come!

Take off sheets

And into the machine they go!

Into the machine!

It’s as easy as choosing the program you want (in this case cotton) then pressing the Dry button – boom! It’ll Wash, Rinse, Spin and then Tumble Dry.

Dry Cycle

A couple of hours later, and out it all comes – clean, fresh and lovely and warm.

Clean, Dry Sheets!

Liam approves of clean (and dry!) clothes to play with haha.

Liam & Washing Machine

The full range of machines available from LG can be seen here – Washer Dryers (our machine).

You can check out the current year end promotions from LG here – LG Malaysia Promotions.

As always drop any questions in comments below, and yes – I still enjoy washing clothes haha.




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