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Kaizen’s Left 4 Dead 2 Config Version 1.1 – Download

So I love playing Left 4 Dead 2, especially multi-player with friends, it’s just a really fun game – it’s pretty old now (it was released in 2009) but it’s till looks pretty good and is really fun to play and not too expensive (Steam link).

I found this config that makes the fast paced game a little easier to handle, it boosts FPS, uses a better cursor, brightens things up a bit, improves accuracy through network settings and a few other tweaks.

Overall it does make my game better, and recently I wanted to install it on the office computer but had immense problems finding it to download. So when I eventually did find it, I thought I’d better post it here without all the spam, ads and malware for people to get hold of it easier.

So yah, here is Kaizen’s Left 4 Dead 2 cfg version 1.1 – Last updated Nov. 21, 2009

Kaizen Left 4 Dead 2 Config cfg


Place this file (autoexec.cfg) into your Left 4 Dead 2 CFG folder, on my computer (Windows 7 64-Bit) this was the location:

To Remove

Simply delete (autoexec.cfg) and (config.cfg) found inside this folder:

Steam Launch Options

For an additional performance boost, customize your command line launch options for Left 4 Dead 2 in Steam before starting the game.

1. Go to “My Games” in Steam
2. Right click “Left 4 Dead 2” and select “Properties”
3. Select “Set launch options…” and enter the following:

This is for a 24.5″ Dell monitor 1920×1200 resolution, so find the correct resolution for your monitor to add to the -w option.

Launch Options Explained

-w 1680 Sets resolution to 1680×1050; for 16:10 widescreen monitors – tweak as necessary
-console Enables developer console; so you can press ~ to enter commands
-novid Disables the intro movie, speeds up game on start-up (doesn’t seem to work in L4D2 yet though)
-refresh 120 Forces 120hz/120fps refresh rate on monitor (if available)
-heapsize 1572864 Allocates RAM for the game; see table below for calculating optimal values
-high Forces high CPU priority
-noforcemaccel Forces desktop mouse acceleration settings
-noforcemparms Forces desktop mouse button configuration
-noipx Disables IPX network detection, local LAN (slight boot time improvement; you may need to remove this for LAN parties)
-nojoy Disables detection of 3rd party gamepads and controllers (slight boot time improvement)

Heapsize setting

Modify the heapsize command to allocate 50% of the RAM you have in your computer (NOT video card memory!) in bytes.

Formula = RAM (in GB) * 1024 * 1024 / 2

1GB -heapsize 524288
2GB -heapsize 1048576
3GB+ -heapsize 1572864

Since L4D2 is a 32-bit application it is believed to be capped at a maximum of 3GB of RAM. Setting heapsize to a value beyond this may crash the game. Download is here:

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100PLUS Outrunner Race Against The Machines in Putrajaya

So this past weekend I headed out to Putrajaya to check out the 100PLUS Outrunner Race Against The Machines event happening out there in the federal administrative centre of Malaysia.

It was pretty hectic out there as 10,000 participants signed up for the three Outrunner races in a short span of two weeks – 7,000 for the 9km and 12km competitive races and 3,000 for the Race Against the Machines (RATM) fun run – which led to registration closing ahead of the one-month deadline.

Parking was tight, and there were people EVERYWHERE, which gave the whole place an incredibly uplifting energy and nice vibe. With Putrajaya usually being so quiet, it was a nice change to see it buzzing.

This was the flagging off for the 6KM Race Against the Machines – everyone was super excited!

100PLUS Outrunner

Here’s the VIPs flagging everyone off, literally, with flags…

100PLUS Outrunner VIPs

Here’s a short video of everyone starting the 6KM Fun Run:

There was fireworks with the start of each race too, which was really cool!

100Plus Outrunner Fireworks

It’s an interesting concept, and not something I’ve seen before where Drones take an active part in the race hunting down participants to take one of their 3 “Lives” by scanning a large barcode on their shirts. 100PLUS New Grip Bottle throughout the race were given a bonus Life.

The barcode can be seen below:

100PLUS Outrunne Barcode

The drones were armed with powerful searchlights, HD cameras and could travel at up to 57km/h – so really not easy to evade. The part I thought was really awesome was the fact those at home could sign up as Drone Masters who had a chance to operate the on-board cameras on the drones to “fire” at the participant and take as many clear pictures of the barcodes as possible.

One of the 4 powerful Banshee drones:

100PLUS Outrunner Drone

A total of 2,800 Drone Masters participated in the event – great concept indeed.

The first 100 runners to finish the race without losing all their “Lives” received medals and certificates while the top 30 Drone Masters each received RM100.

Everyone was having a great time taking pictures everywhere of course, it’s the social media/selfie generation.

100Plus Outrunner

It was great to see everyone having to so much fun, as it is well you know a Fun Run!

100PLUS Outrunner

Ran into Huai Bin/Sixthseal over there too, which was nice – haven’t seen him for a while. We had some fun taking pictures with the 100PLUS related props.

100PLUS Outrunner with Huai Bin

It was a really cool event, well organised and not too chaotic – they are aiming for more people next time so that will be amazing!

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