My 6 Tips For Fuel Effeciency & Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014

Fuel economy is super important and is one of the reasons I recently changed to a new car as old cars tend to get less and less efficient as they get more age.

Fuel Efficiency

There are various things you can to increase your fuel economy which fall into 4 main categories:

  • Drive more efficiently (Drive smoothly, remove roofracks when not in use, change to higher gears faster etc)
  • Keep your car well maintained (Use the correct oil and follow the service schedule, inflate your tyres appropriately etc)
  • Plan and combined trips (Try and avoid traffic jams, combine trips where you can, don’t idle too much)
  • Choose a more efficient vehicle (Choose a Diesel car, or a hybrid or one of the newer more efficient models)

Shell is super passionate about helping Malaysian motorists to be more fuel efficient by making smart choices on the road and also with Shell FuelSave 95, which has Active Efficiency Ingredients designed to improve fuel and engine efficiency.

This year, if you take part in the Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014 you will be able to enhance your knowledge on making smart choices on the road through a new experience beyond the driving challenge by being part of an exciting online Shell FuelSave Journey with the opportunity to win exclusive prizes and rewards

Which brings us to the 6th annual Shell FuelSave Challenge, which showcases how easy it is for you to save fuel and become advocates for fuel efficiency coupled with using Shell FuelSave 95 which is optimized for greater fuel efficiency. It will be a great platform to learn more about fuel efficiency and educate yourself a little on things you can do, and choices you can make to increase your fuel economy.

Shell FuelSave Challenge 2014

To be a part of this year’s Shell FuelSave Challenge, you must be aged between 21 years and 60 years, with a minimum of two (2) years of driving experience. If you fulfil these criteria you can make your way to the Shell FuelSave Roadshows which will be held in four cities across the nation (Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Penang & KL) to answer a few simple questions and go through a short listing process.

Alternatively, you can register online for the Shell FuelSave Challenge and take part in the Shell FuelSave Journey here

The grand prize is well worth a look as the four winners from each city will compete for RM20,000!. And well even if you don’t win anything, you’ll learn a lot more about making smart choices whilst driving with Shell FuelSave Tips and about Shell FuelSave 95.

Do you have any tips to share for saving fuel? Here are some of my personal tips:

  1. Don’t accelerate aggressively
  2. In traffic keep a good distance and look a few cars ahead to see what’s happening, this avoids excessive braking/acceleration
  3. If you have a turbo car, get a boost gauge and keep the vacuum pressure low (below 0.5bar) to save fuel
  4. Check your tyre pressures regularly and keep them inflated properly
  5. Use cruise control if you have it on the highway (this keeps your speed constant and improves fuel efficiency a lot)
  6. Don’t drive too fast

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