Heineken UEFA Champions League Ibiza Final!

So it’s that time of year again, time for the UEFA Champions League! For those who are not familiar, the UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious club platform for international football stars and their clubs. With over 150 million TV viewers watching live coverage of the UEFA Champions League in 220 countries and territories every match week.

Heineken is the proud sponsor of UEFA Champions League, this year Heineken is sending some of you lucky guys over to Ibiza to watch the all-inclusive VIP Screening of the UEFA Champions League Final!

Ibiza is one of the hottest party capitals on the entire planet, everyone’s dream in the UK is to head to Ibiza in the summer during their teenage years and party it up!


I’d personally love to head over to Ibiza, perhaps hit Amensia or Pacha, famous names from my youth. I’d be interested to see what they are like now!

Cocoon at Amnesia - Ibiza

Plus they have some amazing foam parties over there! Imagine that, looks like fun no? They truly have a spectacular party scene over there.

Ibiza Foam Party

And the beach over there is fantastic, especially at sunset – the whole Cafe del Mar chill-out music scene came from Ibiza (from a bar there of the same name). It’s a gorgeous place, even if you aren’t that into clubbing.

Ibiza Beaches

In order to have a chance to win – and get yourself to Ibiza, you need to participate in the Facebook App contest, you can check out the app here:

Kick-Off To Ibiza

Heineken Kick Off To Ibiza

Just like the page to get started!

The more Tweets & Facebook Check-Ins created, the sooner the location to the hidden tickets will be unveiled. Once it’s unveiled, consumers will stand a chance to be invited to the final on-groundchallenge where they’ll use their wits to compete for the all-inclusive VIP experience in Ibiza

Heineken Kick Off To Ibiza

There’s none of the teams I really follow still in the UEFA Champions League last 16, but I do enjoy to watch the football of Real Madrid and Barcelona. So I shall be watching a few games and having a few Heinekens! Plus having a go at the game to see if I get myself to Ibiza!

The contest period is from April 2nd until April 20th.

Give it a shot, who doesn’t love football and partying – Kick-Off To Ibiza




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